Kaseya’s Nadir Merchant Gives A Sneak Peek At The Future Of Documentation

Nadir Merchant is excited about what he calls the “next frontier” of documentation and the increased efficiency and value it will deliver to MSPs.

Merchant, General Manager, IT Operations Products, at Kaseya, says his team has been working “to create the first truly intelligent documentation solution.” It will debut at the Kaseya Connect Global conference in April.

The solution, which will incorporate both generative AI and intelligent algorithms, is the latest in IT Glue’s continuing innovation.

“IT Glue came along and created this whole category around IT documentation under the belief that all of this information should live together in a purpose-built solution to make it easy for MSPs to find the information they need to be able to do their jobs,” recounts Merchant, who leads product strategy and delivery for Kaseya’s IT Glue, myITProcess, Autotask, and ConnectBooster.

Over the years, he notes, IT Glue has evolved the value proposition to include automation and collaboration.

Tackling Information Overload

Now, to help MSPs achieve the next level of efficiency and value, IT Glue is leveraging AI technology to address “the problem of curating their documentation to make sure that they have the best information at their fingertips at all times.”

One of the challenges with documentation today is information overload, which makes it hard to maintain, Merchant explains. “That’s because it’s so easy to get information into these systems, and many people have been using them for a long time.  … They haven’t curated it well.”

In many cases, the system includes stale documentation or documents that aren’t well connected, making it difficult to traverse related information, he says. “AI is very well suited to solve these types of challenges. … to be able to surface documentation to them while they’re doing tasks.”

While the new solution will be leveraging Kaseya’s Cooper AI Intelligence Engine, it will be “radically different” from a chatbot or a search engine, Merchant says.

“The solution that we’re going to be launching at Connect doesn’t require the user to ask the system for anything. … We’re building tools on top of the data in IT Glue to surface the information so it’s available to the technician or to the administrator, the manager, depending on what they’re trying to do, when they need it, where they need it.”

He continues, “So it’s not so much of that interactive AI experience, but it’s more understanding what information’s in IT Glue, understanding how it’s being used, and then that intelligence to be able to make it easy for our customers to curate that documentation.”

Merchant says he uses the word “intelligence” deliberately, because the solution uses a hybrid approach of intelligent algorithms and gen AI. “We’re not interested in building AI for the sake of AI or being able to say we put AI in IT Glue. I don’t think that’s terribly exciting or useful,” he says. “We wanted to make sure we had really compelling use cases that could drive real value to our customers.”

With this next frontier of documentation, “the whole burden around onboarding and maintaining documentation starts to become drastically diminished,” Merchant says. And, in addition to increasing technician efficiency, they will “get more value when they consume that documentation.”

He concludes, “They have a lot of information in the system. So we’re just trying to improve that signal-to-noise ratio.”

Merchant says IT Glue will be running a quiet beta with their product council and it will be generally available at the “big reveal” at Kaseya Connect Global.

He will be delivering a keynote, “State of the ‘Glue’ Evolution: Redefining Automation and Efficiency,” at the pre-day GlueXperience on April 29.

For more information on Kaseya Connect Global, go here

Colleen Frye is executive editor of MSP Success. A veteran of the B2B publishing industry, she has been covering the channel for the last 17 years.



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