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“All You Need Is Love…”

One of my favorite holidays happens this week: Valentine’s Day! Red wine, dark chocolate-dipped everything, and you don’t have a huge obligation to buy people stuff like at Christmas. At least for us ladies. Guys, well, take your chances if you like…

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“Know Yet That We Have Granted And Given License To…”

If ANY group should understand the seriousness of this, and the probability of something like this happening, it’s THIS audience. We KNOW they’re already “in” the network, waiting for the okay to push the button. God help us if an attack on our infrastructure should happen. If serious, it could cause more harm than 9/11 and Covid combined. This news about China brought a couple of things to mind…

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When Should You Give Up?

A common theme I’ve been writing about, and one that is gaining more and more interest from my audience, is quitting, or the frequent, strong and overwhelming desire many MSP owners have to give up.  

Seems like I’ve hit a nerve.

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Failure Is Temporary, Unless…

Some unfavorable conditions we find ourselves in ARE temporary and can be righted in short order; others, not so much. Piles of debt, poor health, failing businesses, low profit margins, an unproductive team, cheap clients who don’t appreciate you… ALL of this is the result of our own doing, our own choices. The good news is that ALL of this CAN be made right and completely turned around at ANY moment if you are truly determined to change it.

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Happy National Quitters Day

Hopefully you HAVE goals set for this year and haven’t already abandoned them like a plate of broccoli at a fat camp. Maybe your resolution this year would be to build the emotional and mental muscle to STICK with something long enough to get the result you want, not because getting the goal is important (although it is) but because of the mental muscle you’ll build for NOT quitting.

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No Offense, But…

At the end of the day, you just have to pick a lane and accept that you’re going to offend someone. This never-ending tiptoeing around is maddening and highly unproductive, particularly for entrepreneurs who are attempting to defy gravity and get to the other side of “done” as fast and efficiently as possible.

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