Category: Champion Mindset

The Five Things That Inspire Nick Vujicic To Keep Dreaming Bigger

Nick finds his source of inspiration from many places. At the top of Nick’s list are his faith and fruitful personal life with his wife, Kanae, and his four children. While it is also clear that striving for happiness and reaching for the stars inspires him daily, he emphasizes that money doesn’t buy happiness, but reaching for a purpose-driven greater goal beyond yourself does.

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Trump’s Mugshot

The path to achieving your goals is NOT paved with shining golden bricks as you skip along through a beautiful countryside smiling and singing with friends. It’s paved with misery, disappointment, rejection and predators.

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When Things Just Don’t Work Out

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may have seen that I rescued a tiny kitten, roughly 2 to 3 weeks old, that we found on the side of the street, most likely thrown from a car by some SOB that I’d like to have a “talk” with.

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Is This Really The “New” Normal?

“When all else fails, lower your standards” used to be a joke. Today, it’s how most people are running their lives and their businesses. Click below to read more of Robin’s take on the “low standards” crisis in America today.

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