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The Secret Of Strategic Client Selection

Here’s a real secret the most successful MSPs and consulting firms know (and practice) that nearly every single struggling or mediocre MSP or consulting firm does not: We are very selective about what clients and opportunities we choose.

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It All Starts With A Sale

Jordan Belfort, better known by his infamous movie nickname, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” was Friday’s keynote speaker at MSP marketing guru and CEO Robin Robins’ quarterly TMT Producers Club event. As the lights go low, a hype video plays on the screen. It’s Jordan at speaking events around the world, where he appears to be motivating, captivating and energizing global audiences.

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Are You Frustrated By Your Client’s Reluctance To Meet With You?

The SEED Method is a process I created to introduce opportunities to make recommendations to our clients. In no way is our engineer expected to be a “sale closer.” The entire point is to plant the seed in the client’s head that there is an issue. The idea is that this suggestion will open the door for the sales rep to book a meeting and work on closing the opportunity.

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How MSPs Are Securing BIG MRR Contracts Selling Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT contracts represent bigger MRR dollars mostly because you’re dealing with larger organizations that have an IT department (usually 70-plus users, often into the thousands). It’s very common for contracts to exceed seven figures — and it’s good business, too.

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