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From Alaskan Fisherman To IT Firm CEO: How Todd Clark Utilized His Passions And Upbringing To Build DenaliTEK And Launch A Nonprofit

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Todd Clark’s journey started with a passion for his field—in this case, technology—coupled with a “get it done” mentality. Today, he has not only built DenaliTEK into a leading provider of IT services for businesses throughout the Anchorage Bowl and Matsu Valley, but he has also spearheaded a nonprofit organization called Cybersecure Alaska that helps companies be proactive with their cybersecurity protocols.  

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Aaron Gurgul And Dan Heimler Shared A Vision Of Prioritizing Cybersecurity When They Launched Watchdog Cyber  

In the depths of what he calls the “worst eight days” of his life, Aaron Gurgul vividly recalls his experience as an IT director for a school district during a devastating cyber event. The district, composed of approximately 2,900 students and 450 staff members, was hit hard, requiring multiple complete network refreshes due to the relentless wave of malicious emails. It was an emotionally taxing ordeal that left a lasting impact. 

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Growing Up With docTRONX: Preston Borchelt On Loss, Legacy And Leveling Up

When you hear about a family-owned and -operated business, an IT firm is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, this multigenerational setup worked well for the Borchelt family. Upon finishing his degree, Preston returned to his father’s new business venture, docTRONX, getting critical hands-on work experience.

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Embracing Innovation And Combatting Cybercrime: How Darren Coleman’s Small-Town Values Helped Build Coleman Technologies Into The IT Industry Leader It Is Today

It’s just a reality that kids always end up emulating the examples they’re given, whether good, bad, or otherwise. In Darren Coleman’s case, his exemplar was his hard-working, blue-collar father who worked tirelessly to put food on the table for Darren and his family. And today, these same values and work ethic can be seen throughout every facet of Coleman Technologies.

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How A Mentor’s Insight Helped Keith Heilveil Build His Dream Career

Keith knew he wanted to build a fulfilling business aligned with his family values. This powerful motivation became necessary when his vision proved harder to achieve than he had thought. Keith’s goals drove him to develop a strong work ethic at a very young age. At ten, he was babysitting regularly, and by 12, he had three paper routes and delivered newspapers seven days a week.

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