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Don’t Wait For Inspiration

Money doesn’t flow to you for being “busy,” being a hard worker, being at something for a “long time.” Money flows to those who DO THE SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES that attracts it. It’s absolutely as simple as that. And the more mature you’ll be about accurately thinking this way, the faster you’ll get to where you want to go.

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Your Personal Titanic Moment

In business, willful negligence is rampant. Sometimes it ends with an abrupt, catastrophic “implosion,” as with the Titan. In other cases, the damage is done over a longer period of time – a cancer that grows slowly until it’s too late to turn around. Willful negligence comes in three forms with business owners.

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What’s Your Excuse NOW?

The difference between growing, profitable MSPs and ones who aren’t making money is that the latter allow external circumstances to control their outcomes, the former MAKE the circumstances they need. I’m not saying any of this is easy, but it’s far from IMPOSSIBLE.

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Who CAN You Trust?

In business, and all throughout our lives, we all have to make decisions about who we can trust and whose advice to follow. Pick the wrong person and they can impart serious harm. That’s why you must have litmus tests in place to determine who you CAN trust that are designed to reveal the true competence and character of the person you’re about to put your faith in

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