Partner Playbook With Tonya Gentry: CyberQP’s Cynthia Schreiner Wants Partners To Get Engaged

Tonya Gentry of Big Red Media/MSP Success recently caught up with Cynthia Schreiner, senior director of community and events for CyberQP. Founded in 2018 by Jim Jessup and Mateo Barraza as Quickpass, the company initially offered a self-service password reset product for MSPs. Today CyberQP has evolved to provide a variety of privileged access management solutions, most recently rolling out QGuard Pro in April, which includes Passwordless MFA for Technicians, a solution designed to exponentially increase technician efficiency. That came on the heels of QVerify, a new standalone end user identity verification solution CyberQP introduced in March.

In this conversation, Cynthia shares some upcoming partner program enhancements, a new PSA integration expected this quarter, and why boring is not CyberQP’s thing!


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