The Automated Network Pen Test To Catch Threats You Can’t See Coming

It’s no secret that cybercrime is on the rise and is costing businesses trillions of dollars. As an MSP, you are the lifeline of the customers you support. They rely on you as their trusted adviser to enable their teams to operate and conduct business safely and securely.

With multiple security layers being the best defense against cyberattacks, it’s more important than ever to make sure those layers remain up to the challenge of keeping the enemy at bay. However, SMBs may lack the time, budget, or ability to constantly test, probe, identify, and shore up vulnerable areas on their network.

One effective way you can help them meet the growing cybersecurity challenge is by offering pen testing. Network penetration testing can provide your SMB clients with a comprehensive test that identifies potential vulnerabilities and ensures their business is safe and secure from potential cyber threats. This is why compliance requirements and cyber insurance companies are constantly increasing their demand for it.

What Is Pen Testing?

Penetration testing (pen testing) is a proactive practice in which experts simulate cyberattacks on an environment to uncover potential weaknesses and fix them, improving security and preventing unauthorized access.

The challenge to small businesses is that comprehensive pen tests require specialized skills and tools, which may be both expensive and hard to find. Plus, the time involved in running manual testing can be extensive.

What Is vPenTest And How Does It Work?

vPenTest from Vonahi Security is a network penetration testing platform that solves these challenges with an automated solution that’s efficient, affordable, and scalable.

vPenTest lets an MSP schedule and deliver a full-blown internal or external network penetration test to their SMB clients. It does this by following scripts designed by the in-house penetration testers who are constantly reviewing the results, building new attacks, and loading them back into the platform.

Findings are meticulously documented and consolidated into a comprehensive set of reports, which can be readily accessed and presented during audits if required. These reports consist of two distinct types: a concise executive summary report designed to cater to top-level management; and a detailed technical report intended for the IT team, encompassing specific information about remediation strategies and actions to be taken.

What Types Of Exploits Does vPenTest Attempt?

vPenTest attempts to perform SMB relay attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, cautiously executed DNS poisoning attacks, hash cracking, password dumping, privilege escalation, and more.

These are the exact same techniques executed during a manual penetration test, except they’re performed much faster.

How Much Time Can I Save With vPenTest?

Traditional penetration tests are extremely time-consuming. The average manual penetration test report takes approximately two weeks. This includes reporting, QA, revisions, etc.

vPenTest can run numerous tools simultaneously, wait for them to complete, automatically analyze the results, and determine its next move. vPenTest accomplishes reporting within two business days, all while providing almost twice as much valuable information than traditional penetration test reports.

What Happens If The Automation Misses Something?

If the automation missed something or discovered something new that could have been done, the vPenTest team will attempt to exploit it manually during the QA process and then develop an automated process for it.

Bottom Line: What Are The Main Benefits Of vPenTest?

Improved Security Posture

100% Remote and Fast

On-Demand Flexible Scheduling

Backed by Experts

Meets Compliance

100% Brandable

Flexible Pricing

Conducting regular pen tests can play a vital role in helping businesses find weak spots in their cybersecurity before real hackers do. Identifying and addressing these weaknesses regularly can save your customers money, safeguard their reputations, and even help them avoid legal troubles.

While before the cost, effort, and time involved made this process almost a luxury, Vonahi’s vPenTest finally enables you to offer this service easily, affordably, and often.

For instant access to their demo showcasing vPenTest visit:

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