MSPs Can Offer Password Management With 1Password’s New Partner Edition

This new product from 1Password allows MSPs to integrate the service directly into their security stack. 

Password management vendor 1Password today announced 1Password Enterprise Password Manager: Partner Edition. Designed specifically for MSPs to support their customers, the beta edition is launching soon, with the full product to come later this year.

Key Features

The Partner Edition features administrative features and a centralized console, allowing MSPs to manage multiple clients, all from one place. According to the company, it also boosts efficiency by streamlining billing, licensing, and reporting. The new platform will integrate with SIEM tools like Datadog, Sumo Logic, Panther, and Splunk with the 1Password Events API. It is designed to both help MSPs manage their own confidential business information and to incorporate seamlessly into the MSP’s security stack, so they can offer it to clients.

The Importance Of Password Managers

Many MSPs stress the importance of password managers to encourage users to create unique, complex passwords. However, all too often, clients don’t see the purpose. This makes them less likely to invest in password management software independently. Including a quality password manager in the security stack negates this entire argument.

Regarding the importance of secure password practices, Jason Eberhardt, global vice president of MSP Channel at 1Password, says, “It doesn’t matter how secure the house is, if the front door is left unlocked. Everything else can be perfect and unbreachable, but with unsecure password practices, your data isn’t secure.” 

The new product will be available exclusively to 1Password partners, however, 1Password’s partner program is publicly available for all MSPs. A small cohort of MSPs will be approved for the beta version. The full version will be more widely available.

1Password’s Partner Program

1Password’s global Partner Program launched earlier this year. They work with partners of all kinds, “including resellers, distributors, cloud service partners (CSPs), system integrators (SIs), global system integrators (GSIs) around the globe,” says Eberhardt. 1Password actively collaborates with and requests feedback from their partners to continue improving their offering. The company also recently announced that they have joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN). 

According to the company, 1Password has two major differentiators. First, 1Password utilizes two keys to unlock an account—a user’s chosen account password and their Secret Key, a 128-bit, machine-generated code that’s mathematically infeasible to crack. Neither of these keys are ever held or seen by 1Password. 

Additionally, credentials are never sent over the network, which minimizes interception from hackers. To do this, 1Password adds a Secure Remote Password that allows them to authenticate the user without sending anything digitally. 

In this era of technology, security is king. Eberhardt advises MSPs—and their clients—to “use a password manager. Even if it’s not us, using a password manager in today’s day and age is critical and can uplevel your security.” 

Sarah Jordan is a staff writer at MSP Success. When she’s not reporting on trends and issues pertinent to the MSP community, you can usually find her working on her novel’s manuscript.



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