Boost Your Online Reputation And Visibility By Generating A Steady Flow Of 5-Star Google Reviews

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When potential customers are looking for IT support or help, it’s often at a time when there’s a big problem or catastrophe — like a company-wide server crash, emails going offline, or a major data breach. With hair on fire, prospects frantically want to get back up and running as quickly as possible to stay productive and get back to business as usual. They will likely turn to their trusty search engine Google and hastily search for local help and support by scanning through top listings and reviews to evaluate their options and to make a quick, yet educated, decision.

According to, 97% of people go to reviews as a first source when making a purchasing decision. Think about your own behaviors. Whether you’re browsing on Amazon, Yelp, Facebook, Netflix, or Google, reviews (or lack thereof) influence your decisions to buy.

Why is it that people feel more comfortable purchasing a product or hiring a specific company with lots of social proof?

It’s the most believable form of trust-based marketing — what someone says about you is way more powerful than what you say about yourself. Having a higher rank in a local search can help you get a leg up and stand out from the competition. As bestselling author and leadership expert, Ken Blanchard, has said, “Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you must create raving fans.” Since most buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review, Google reviews can help you to get found and get chosen.

Having good online reviews can also help customers when they are looking for an IT provider, because it can also do the following for them:

• Validate claims you are making.

• Overcome objections.

• Connect with your target market.

• Build credibility and trust.

• Answer FAQs about your company, services, or products.

• Sell your products and services.

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How many reviews should you have?

Reputation management team monitor online feedback rating to improve brand positive rank and gain customer trust concept, marketing team monitor and analyze stars rating to increase satisfaction.

As many as possible! You can’t have too many. But it’s not only the quantity of reviews that matters — consumers believe online reviews older than three months are irrelevant. Keeping a steady flow of new and relevant reviews is key to boosting your online visibility. How do you get more reviews? Simply put, you have to ask for them! You need to have processes in place in your business where you are constantly getting new reviews.

Let’s look at some strategies to make this easier for you and your team.

After a ticket is resolved, an account call or meeting, or an install, send your client a quick survey. When a client submits positive feedback, ask them to leave you a Google review. Make it easy by providing one-click access to your Google My Business profile. (Note: Receiving too many reviews at once can get red-flagged by Google. A good rule of thumb is to ask for 5–10 at a time.)

Since Google likes engagement, review and respond to ALL reviews (good and bad) as they are received. Promptly reach out to anyone who has submitted negative feedback about your company. Create notes and tasks in your CRM system to track and make sure you complete the follow-up. Once you receive a five-star review from a customer, make note of this on the company record in your CRM. Reach out to thank your client for the raving review and ask for a written testimonial to include in your marketing materials.

Display a feed of your Google reviews and testimonials on your website. There are widgets you can install on your website that allow you to display all reviews or specific reviews as well as reviews from specific locations. Continue to send requests every few months or so to happy customers who have NOT yet left you a review. Flag clients who haven’t submitted any feedback to you within the past few months so you can reach out and check in. Remember: Good feedback is GREAT. Bad feedback is also GREAT because it helps you to improve. However, having NO feedback is BAD.

Want some help boosting your online visibility and creating a steady flow of five-star Google reviews with automation?

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