Turbocharge Your MSP With High-Value Clients And AI Strategies At The MSP Marketing Roadshow

If your MSP business is not landing high-value clients (HVCs) and using the latest AI tools and strategies to boost your marketing and revenue results, then you can’t afford to miss the MSP Marketing Roadshow, a three-city tour that kicks off in Dallas on August 28-29.

The industry is at a unique inflection point, because AI has created an unlevel playing field. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity by being an early adopter of AI. You can beat—and stay ahead of—your competition by using tools that allow you to do more than you’d ever think possible, in less time, with reduced (or no) expense, and with fewer personnel. 

At the same time, competition is fierce for the small pool of high-value clients who understand the true worth of the service and guidance your MSP provides—and have the budget and the willingness to pay for your expertise.

The MSP Marketing Roadshow, a two-day, in-person event, features industry experts who will send you back to your business with a sales and marketing process that unlocks the door to higher fees and greater margins with more respectful, cooperative, HVC clients, plus everything you need to put AI to work for you.  

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What You’ll Learn

Here’s a quick peek at the sessions and speakers:

  • How to Generate More Revenue, Profits, and Enterprise Value by Attracting and Developing HVCs (High-Value Clients) – In this Day One session, Robin Robins, CEO and founder of MSP Success and TMT, will teach you to stop asking the wrong question—How do I get more clients?—and start asking the right question—How do I attract and develop more right-fit high-value clients? At the core of this question is trust. Robin will show you how to develop a sales and marketing plan that will give you the ability to pick and choose who you accept as a client, gain the priceless reputation of being the most trusted MSP in your marketplace, and stand out in a “sea of sameness” to more easily attract HVCs. As a bonus, all attendees will receive new and updated trust-based marketing campaigns, templates, and sales strategies you can instantly implement to raise prices and start attracting HVCs.
  • The State of AI: Tools You Can Use Today, PLUS What’s Happening in the Next 12-18 Months That Every Business Needs to Know – Day Two kicks off with a preview from TMT Chief Marketing Officer Mike Stodola of the most promising, exciting, and downright weird AI tools that are hitting the market soon and will likely become commonplace in business. Mike will also show you how to discover and use a variety of simple tools, features, and strategies you can use immediately to give you an edge on the competition.
  • Using AI to Get Traffic, Leads, and Appointments Using Content You Already Have – This two-part, hands-on workshop will have you using programs to create search engine-optimized content that you can publish before you leave. You’ll learn how to quickly create videos (without ever speaking or being on camera) that will boost the number of views you get exponentially—because your ideal clients will find the content compelling and relevant. And before the session is over, you’ll also create a marketing piece that is accurately targeted for your ideal client, one that speaks to them in a way that your competitors don’t. Finally, you’ll leave with a process and plan in place to get this done in minutes a week and build a perpetual marketing engine in your business. 
  • How to Create a Killer Webinar That’ll Have Leads and Clients Attending Like Crazy and the Plan to Convert Them into Clients! – Your SMB clients are desperate for knowledge and guidance around how to use AI effectively and responsibly. In this session, MC Tracy, director of campaign strategy and performance at TMT, will walk you through a webinar that you can use “out of the box”—plus all the registration marketing, scripts, slides, and follow-up appointment strategies to turn webinar attendees into clients. When MC is finished, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to become an expert presenter and get leads and appointments like never before. 

Your ROI

In just two days, you’ll gain the skills necessary to leapfrog your competition. Plus, unlike other conferences, you’ll walk away with real, finished products to use in your sales and marketing campaigns.

After Dallas, the MSP Marketing Roadshow will travel to:

  • Newark, New Jersey – September 11-12
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – October 10-11

Sign up today to reserve your seat at any of the three locations. Your ROI will be a jumpstart on achieving more revenue and profits with fewer clients and less work!



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