Top 5 Certifications For MSP Technicians

This fall, go back to school by encouraging your staff (or even yourself) to gain additional certifications that can help you build a world-class MSP. Here’s a quick look at the different types of certifications for MSPs, ranging from specialty certifications and role-based cloud MSP certifications to general marketing and sales training.

Cloud Technology Certification

There’s a need for qualified professionals for each major cloud provider, including AWS, Google, and Azure. While traditional knowledge in a particular field is still useful, MSP certifications from major cloud providers will show your team’s dedication to prospective clients. You can choose from developer, cloud architect, and DevOps Engineer certifications.


Virtualization has made computing flexible, cost-effective, scalable, secure, and reliable, and it is an incredibly valuable skill for any IT professional to have. Your main options include VMware Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified IT Professional Virtualization Administrator, and Cisco Certified Network Associate.


Remaining ready for remote work is a popular option for both companies and employees. Gartner reports that 85% of company leaders say that they plan to allow employees to continue remote or hybrid work going forward. But hybrid workforces bring risks of their own to the table, like an increased risk of malicious insider threats by remote workers. This means we must focus more on security training. Here are two MSSP certifications to explore: Certified Information Systems Security Professional and CompTIA Security+.

Business Skills

TruMethods’ FormulaWon MSP Training program is a web-based portal that consists of video content, tools, resources, and community forums aimed to elevate your MSP to a higher standard. The portal includes over 150 hours of role-based content to help MSPs grow sales, increase profitability, and improve operational efficiencies. You can also join in on peer groups, web events, and in-person gatherings.

Specialty Certifications For MSPs

Because of the different implementation needs of IT and security management platforms, these certifications are often vendor specific. Kaseya, for example, offers a wide range of certifications throughout the year, and at their yearly Connect IT Global event held in Las Vegas this Oct. 19–22, 2021, your technicians can get certified in VSA, BMS, Passly, Unitrends, Network Detective, Compliance Manager, DarkWeb ID, and BullPhish ID.

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