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Streamline Your Business And Increase Revenue With These 5 Hot Tools

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD): Build and expand your Azure practice by giving Microsoft’s new WVD a go! This novel tech provides a new desktop operating system, control plane management services, profile management solutions, and simplified licensing to enable MSPs to create Azure-based virtual desktop offers for their customers.

ID Agent’s Dark Web ID Dark Web ID: It can help protect your customers while increasing revenue and customer retention. It allows you to show your customers actionable data to better protect them from theft by deploying compromised credential monitoring across your customer base. Dark Web ID also serves as a great customer acquisition tool, allowing you to show prospects where they’ve already been exposed.

CrewHu: CrewHu is an employee recognition software that will help your employees set and measure their own individual SMART goals. In generating these goals and working to achieve them, employees will be able to receive immediate feedback. CrewHu will also provide reports that show which employees’ performances deserve recognition. Overall, this technology works both to improve employee performance and to reward employees for a job well done.

ConnectBooster: With ConnectBooster, you can take the necessary steps to avoid spending extra time on collections every month by automating recurring revenue for your business in real time. By setting up automated billing for your clients, ConnectBooster can help you eliminate late payments for the long haul. Moreover, ConnectBooster streamlines your workflow by working with the tools you’ve already invested in to get all your financial information organized into one location.

RapidFire Tools’ Cyber Hawk Security: This is top of mind for just about everyone, and Cyber Hawk’s advanced breach detection technology finds footholds that traditional anti-viruses can’t. Between detecting keyloggers, Trojans, spyware, unauthorized registry changes, and other malicious activity, Cyber Hawk efficiently works to keep your networks safe from threats. When it does detect a security breach, it generates an alert, delivers details on the specific threat, and offers a set of easy-to-follow instructions regarding how you can resolve the issue.

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