Why Client Retention Should Be Part Of Your Growth Strategy

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Client retention is an often-overlooked aspect of business success, particularly in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology, where innovation is constant and competition is fierce. We can all agree that acquiring new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) clients is essential for our MSP businesses. However, retaining existing ones is equally important. A solid foundation of loyal clients is not only key to sustaining an MSP business, it’s critical to growth and profits. 

Here are some strategies we have implemented to nurture and enhance our client relationships, creating lasting partnerships.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Client retention is not simply meeting customer needs and satisfaction; it is exceeding those expectations regularly to build loyalty to your company and more specifically, your employees and services. This, in turn, contributes to increased market reputation and brand champions—clients who will refer you easily and often to others through positive word of mouth.

The numbers also don’t lie—it is easier and more cost-effective to retain clients than it is to acquire new ones. It might seem obvious to want to retain clients, but when you start growing quickly, it can be a struggle to implement a strong client support program with proactive deliverables to ensure existing clients continue to receive the type of white-glove service to which they have become accustomed.

Building a Client-Centered Culture

One of the areas we choose to focus on is building and fostering an organizational culture that encompasses a “Client First” mentality. This means that we prioritize our client needs, maintain open and honest communication, and demonstrate a true commitment to not only their IT systems and requirements, but to their overall success. 

Personalized Attention: Making Each Client Feel Like They Are Our ONLY Client

Our clients have an assigned dedicated Client Success Specialist who provides a personal touch through addressing each unique need and concern with care and expertise. This personal connection strengthens our client loyalty and promotes a sense of partnership.

Breeding Trust With Open, Honest Communication

Honesty and transparency breed trust. We maintain open lines of communication with our clients at all times. We also work to ensure we deliver on promises we have made—no matter what. From a follow-up email to provide an update on the status of a ticket, to meeting major project deadlines, all communication—good news, bad news, or just a progress update—is vitally important and treated accordingly.

Being Proactive – Anticipating Needs BEFORE They Surface

We aim to always offer true proactive service that goes beyond merely reacting to client issues by striving to anticipate our client’s needs BEFORE they even appear. We stay updated on the latest trends tools and technologies, and we aren’t afraid to share our insights with our clients. We identify potential pain points or areas for improvement, allowing us to partner as we guide them through the maze of technology options and help them make informed decisions for their business. 

Prioritizing Client Feedback and Satisfaction

We actively solicit feedback from our clients through surveys, business reviews, and direct conversations. By listening to our clients’ concerns, we can refine internal processes, address pain points, and optimize our service delivery. Our commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness to their feedback and suggestions, encourages strong relationships with our clients and positions us as partners.

The Growth Results Don’t Lie

By focusing on providing our clients with more than just simply excellent service, and through implementation of the strategies outlined above to cultivate lasting partnerships, we have been able to grow our business in excess of 30% annually year over year for the past five years. In addition, our client retention rate is 99.5% and over 35% of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years.

Client retention is more than just a metric—it is integral to our ability to build lasting partnerships with our clients and differentiate our MSP business from our competitors.  By providing personalized attention, promoting open and honest communication, acting proactively, and prioritizing feedback and satisfaction, we have been able to form enduring partnerships beyond simple transactions and projects. 

In a world where change and innovation are never-ending, investing in client retention is a sound business strategy that will solidify client loyalty and sustain an IT company in the long run.

For more information about Haycor Computer Solutions, go here.

Jason Wachtel is the founder and CEO of Haycor Computer Solutions, which serves small and medium businesses in the Greater Toronto area. Prior to founding Haycor in 2006, Jason spent 10 years as a manager and consultant for IT firms in Canada.



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