3 Strategies To Eliminate Competition 

Bad news: The number of MSPs who are truly able to achieve competitive separation is depressingly small. 

Good news: With just a tiny bit of effort and creativity, you can all but ELIMINATE your lazy competition.  

Here are a few unconventional strategies you can swipe to stand out: 

  1. Flaunt your “flaws.” This is what Hardee’s (or Carl’s Jr., if you live on the West Coast) did with the Thickburger. When other fast-food companies were trying to create healthier options, Hardee’s offered the unhealthiest option. And customers loved it. What are some things you perceive as flaws that COULD be leveraged as a unique selling proposition? Are you a brand-new startup and feel it’s to your detriment? Flaunt that YOU have the newest, best, state-of-the-art tech stack, and others may be stuck in contracts using older, less innovative tools. 
  1. Throw prospects a curve ball by doing the exact opposite of what others are doing. Find out how your competitors are doing things and then do them COMPLETELY differently. Is the competition serious? Be funny. Is the competition known for how big it is? Stress how small you are and why that’s a GOOD thing for your customers.  
  1. ANSWER YOUR FREAKING PHONE!! The average business misses 30% of their inbound phone calls (yikes!). Or staff is answering the phone but totally botching the call. Who would have thought that picking up the phone and delivering quality customer service could be such a massive competitive edge? 

We just hosted a recorded group webinar about this very problem. In this industry, missing ONE important phone call from an existing client can do serious damage to your reputation and missing (or screwing up) ONE phone call from a prospect can be a wasted revenue opportunity. 

On the call, we went through cheap and easy ways to make sure you never miss a call again.  

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need to watch this because you don’t have high call volume—you need this! The on-demand recording is still up so if you want instant access to watch it, click here.  

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