Getting Serious About Marketing Takes Beanstalk Computing From Autopilot To Turbocharged

When a prospective customer told Jason Brooks in 2021 that his marketing sucked, it was a wake-up call.

The founder of San Diego, California-based Beanstalk Computing says his MSP company, which he founded in 2006, had been on autopilot for 15 years. The company’s website and marketing materials were badly in need of updating, and growth had been nearly stagnant—a consistent and paltry 2% year over year.

So, Brooks decided to put aside his skepticism and reasons why he was “too busy” to devote time to marketing and finally get serious about growing his company. The results were stunning, and the turnaround was rapid. In 2022, Beanstalk Computing achieved 20% growth and increased MRR from $33,957 to $38,197, with total income of $498,546.

Since January 2023, he has added $838,129 in projects and contracts, and total income increased 62% to over $800,000. He achieved all this while fighting cancer too.

Here’s how he did it:

Marketing Efforts That Paid Off

Revamped and modernized the website. Brooks’ previous website was one page, very basic, and wasn’t bringing in business. Beanstalk Computing’s new website now immediately tells visitors who they are and what makes them unique:

In addition, the website now has a clear call to action, free reports to download, well-defined information on what services the company offers, testimonials, blogs, information about the team, and more.

Launched a “550 Referral Club.” After attending a TMT webinar, “How To Systematically Generate Sales And Recruiting Referrals From Your Clients,” Brooks was inspired to create what he calls “The 550 Referral Club.” If a client refers a qualified business that results in a proposal, they’ll receive a $50 gift certificate. If that turns into a customer, the referring client will receive $500 for themselves or a charity of their choice. To promote the referral program, Beanstalk Computing created plastic business cards that resemble a credit card to hand out during technology business review (TBR) meetings, new client meetings, and when on-site with existing customers. They also ran an email campaign to all existing customers with a link to the referral program website.

Hired a sales development representative (SDR). Beanstalk Computing engaged with an offshore staffing agency in South Africa, which was recommended by peers, to bring an SDR onboard, along with outsourced CRM and marketing automation support. In just two months, Beanstalk Computing was mailing 50 campaign letters a week. “This skilled professional has become a vital asset, driving prospecting and lead qualification with remarkable precision,” says Brooks.

Jason Brooks

Created a serendipitous gift. On a customer’s anniversary of doing business with Beanstalk Computing, the company delivers beautifully decorated, customized cupcakes for a celebration party. The cupcakes include both the Beanstalk Computing logo and the customer’s logo, symbolizing their partnership.

Requested testimonials. Beanstalk asked for and received 30 customer testimonials, which are now included on the company’s website and on social media.

Designed a “shock and awe” box. Before a prospect meets Beanstalk for an appointment, they will learn all about the MSP from a “shock and awe” box, which is delivered to the CEO. It’s designed with Beanstalk’s branding, logo, and mission statement, “Growing Business, One Network At A Time,” and includes marketing materials such as:

  • What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring An IT Company
  • Top Reasons For Working With Beanstalk
  • Pricing Information
  • A Competitive Comparison Chat
  • A Moneyback Guarantee
  • Client Success Stories
  • A Client Bill Of Rights

Instituted a birthday campaign. Beanstalk sends birthday cards to the executives of their client companies. So that they never miss an important birthday, they have automated notification through their marketing automation platform.

Started a technology business review campaign. Since Beanstalk launched their technology business review campaign, they have had over 20 TBRs with existing customers. In addition, the company has landed several small projects totaling $24,594 and reoccurring revenue from things other than managed services, such as Office 365 services, etc., totaling $2,445 per month.

Launched a “bad ass” raving fans campaign with Crewhu. Beanstalk sends clients a biannual net promotor score survey. When a client leaves great feedback, they will be asked for a testimonial on Google, and a referral.

Started answering the phone with call scripts provided. Beanstalk already answered their phone live, and had been doing so for years after missing a business opportunity when the call went to voicemail. Now Beanstalk has taken an additional step to retrain their call center with provided scripts, and access to their calendar via AppointmentCore, to ensure no lead is lost. “We even designated a special phone number to alert us of a new client and damn well make sure to pick up,” Brooks notes.

New Operational Improvements

In addition to marketing efforts, Beanstalk Computing has focused on implementing tools and processes to improve operational efficiency and boost professionalism. Steps included:

Implemented robust documentation. Using IT Glue from Kaseya for documentation has enabled Beanstalk Computing to organize and centralize all critical information, processes, and client details in one secure platform. Brooks calls this a game-changer. “This transformation has brought forth a wave of efficiency throughout our company,” he explains. “Our team members can easily access and update documentation, enabling seamless collaboration and streamlining our workflows. The time we used to spend searching for information or deciphering outdated documents has now been reclaimed, allowing us to focus on providing exceptional service to our clients.”

Implemented ConnectWise PSA. The PSA platform serves as Beanstalk Computing’s central hub, seamlessly integrating business processes from ticket management to project tracking and invoicing. According to Brooks, they have streamlined collaboration, improved productivity, and enhanced client management. “ConnectWise PSA enables us to effortlessly handle client information, track time, and generate insightful reports, transforming our operations. We have experienced a significant boost in efficiency, delivering exceptional service to our clients while optimizing internal workflows.”

Created MSA and Customer Contracts. With the help of Thomas Fafinski with MSP Law, Beanstalk Computing created up-to-date and official contracts, enabling them to migrate clients from month to month to long-term contracts. “With my freshly minted MSP agreements, I was able to convert three clients to long-term contacts, securing just shy of half a million dollars in business over the next three years,” says Brooks.

Implemented TurboDial with MAP, TMT’s Marketing Automation Platform.  This program allows Beanstalk Computing to record the SDR’s calls and review and tweak scripts, and review daily reporting of number of dials made, prospects pitched, booked appointments, and more.

Keeping The Momentum Going – And Growing

Now that Beanstalk Computing has turbocharged its growth with a comprehensive, consistent marketing strategy and key operational improvements, Brooks, who is now in remission from cancer, has no plans to hit the brakes. “We aim to achieve our ambitious goals of growing Beanstalk Computing into a thriving $10 to $20 million enterprise within the next 10 to 20 years.”

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