Create Your “Grid Of Happiness”

Short-Term Goal Setting To Reach Your Dreams, From Nick Vujicic

According to Nick Vujicic, to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams, you must believe you can while being “disciplined enough to be your own greatest motivation, not your biggest hindrance.” But what happens when you don’t see progress? You get tired and burnt out. You lose motivation. To avoid feeling like you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean with one paddle and no land in sight, use the following activity from Nick to stay motivated and shorten your path to your dream by half:

Step 1: Create Your “Grid Of Happiness.” Write Out The Following Six Words On A Piece Of Paper:

1. Faith

2. Family

3. Friends

4. Fitness

5. Finance

6. Fun

Step 2: Write Out The Top 10 Short-Term Goals You Want To Achieve In The Next 45 Days

When setting your goals, consider how each goal aligns with your happiness grid. For example, if writing a book aligns with your happiness grid, prioritize it and set aside time to work on it.

Step 3: Schedule Time

Set aside three hours every week to review your list of goals you plan to achieve over the next 45 days and use this reserved time to work on those goals.

Step 4: Get A Dream Buddy

Find a family member, friend or colleague who is also working to achieve goals. Each week, check in with your dream buddy and ask each other, “How are you doing with your dream?” A good practice is to put a set time on your calendar each week when you will check in with each other. Bonus idea: Tell each other what steps you will take towards your goals this week and report back the following week if you did them. If not, discuss what stopped you, the obstacles you faced and what needs to happen for you to complete them.

Step 5: Determine Your Obstacles

Write out the three biggest obstacles standing in the way between you and your dream. Next, write out how you are going to get through those obstacles. Nick also recommends telling yourself, “These are the steps. These are the short-term goals. I need to conquer this. I need to start doing this.”

Step 6: Repeat This Affirmation Every Day

After taking a deep breath and letting it out, say aloud, “I want to reach my full potential. I also want to be happy and love myself.”

Step 7: Celebrate

When you achieve a goal, cross it off your list. Revel in the good feeling of investing in yourself and seeing progress.

After doing this for at least 45 days, let MSP Success know how it’s changed your life so far by emailing us at [email protected], subject line: Grid of Happiness.

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