Top 5 Podcasts For MSP Leaders

Podcasts continue to grow increasingly popular as working remotely and commuting less becomes the new norm.

Podcasts are readily available wherever you are, whether it’s on your morning walk around the neighborhood before work, making your lunch at home, or in the car while you’re running errands. What better way to spend your time than learning the ins and outs of IT businesses from industry experts and thought leaders?

Here are our updated top 5 podcast picks for MSP owners, including a few of the less well-known options.  

The Powered Services Podcast  

Stay up to date on the latest industry trends and issues with the “Powered Services Podcast”, hosted by Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop. Every episode brings in an IT expert to give their personal insight and commentary to help MSPs build and grow their business. Recent topics range from online/offline marketing strategies to cyber-attacks and how to best prevent phishing attempts.               

Darknet Diaries 

Learn about the world of hacking, data breaches, and cybercrime with host Jack Rhysider. Jack explores true stories about the dark side of the Internet that happen right under your nose. Jack teaches listeners how to protect themselves from the consequences of these cybercrimes.   

Virtual CISO Podcast 

Hosted by John Verry, Virtual CISO Podcast focuses on providing the best security advice and insights for Security, IT, and Business leaders. By bringing in industry thought leaders, listeners are assured that the information provided is accurate and useful to their MSPs. 

The RocketMSP Podcast 

This educational and informative podcast hosted by Steve Taylor brings news on the latest tools, operational concepts, and insights into the current landscape. Steve’s content is relative to MSP/TSP owners and IT professionals. He doesn’t hold back when questioning vendors; he gets the questions MSPs are asking answered. 

MSP Success Podcast

MSP Success” has three podcasts that discuss the key values of running a successful MSP. Robin Robins hosts her own podcast with multiple special guests accompanied by a glass of wine… or three. She and her guests answer listener questions and provide insight and expertise. The “MSP Spotlight” podcast studies a thriving MSP where their secret sauce to success is revealed. The last podcast that “MSP Success” brings is the “What’s Working Now” series. MSPs provide strategies and techniques that are working for them now. Listen in to discover the success these three podcasts will bring you. 

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