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The ‘Blue Ocean’ of compliance

Selling with a “loaded gun” is better than selling with a great sales pitch. “It’s not you holding the gun. It’s the insurance companies holding a gun to your clients’ heads,” says Robins. “It’s the government holding the gun to their heads. I’m not saying they are wrong for it. But there are customers of your customers who need this. What you’re selling is a bulletproof vest.”

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Top 5 Podcasts For MSP Leaders

Podcasts continue to grow increasingly popular as working remotely and commuting less becomes the new norm. Podcasts are readily available wherever you are, whether it’s on your morning walk around the neighborhood

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FREE Hosted VoIP Service for MSPs

**From Loop Communications** We get it. During this critical time, you may be figuring out how to efficiently run your business and support your customers, all while navigating bringing your business home

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