How 2 Difficult Life Lessons Drove Rodney Royer To Build One Of Central Pennsylvania’s Longest-Running IT Services Businesses

Rodney’s love of computers and technology started at a very young age. When Rodney was in the third grade, his dad started teaching him how to precisely fix computers in the most efficient ways possible.

As Rodney got older and started college, he strayed away from technology and sought a math degree. It was during this season that Rodney came face-to-face with his first real challenge. He pursued a very rigorous Actuarial Science degree. As a straight-A math student in high school, Rodney figured he could sail through that major. He couldn’t. After getting an F in Calc 2, Rodney had to accept something he had rarely experienced before: failure.

Rodney acknowledged his first defeat. “I just didn’t have what it took,” he says. “I recognize that. My clients today call me a perfectionist. I do like my ducks in a row, and failing in that degree hurt a lot.”

He will never forget that phone call to his parents. Telling them he would have to quit his major. Explaining how he would have to change schools. Holding back tears as he was forced to chart a new path in life.

But his dad recognized his son’s natural gifts when it came to technology and computers. Together, they agreed that Rodney’s best option would be to pursue a new degree called Business Information Systems that combined his natural love of computers with his business acumen.

Dropping his original degree after being challenged may have been Rodney’s first life lesson. Little did he know, a second one would shortly follow.

His first job after college was a contract position through a temp agency. After six months, Rodney expected to be hired on full-time for considerably more money. But his boss extended an offer of LESS MONEY than his modest contracted rate. Knowing in his heart he had the experience and knowledge base necessary to command the pay he rightfully deserved, Rodney said “no” to the original offer. But, instead of getting a better offer, the temp agency called and told him not to come in the next day.

He was FIRED.

Rodney was devastated. “I never set foot in that office again and just left all my personal belongings there,” he recalls. “We had a newborn, and I had to find a way to provide as a father and a husband.”

That setback became the turning point for Rodney. So, he took that opportunity to pave a new path for himself and his family. He started a new IT services business that would help small businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania. Rodney took control of his life so he would never have to ask anyone for a pay raise again!

A Business Name That Demonstrates Love For Their Customers

Rodney remembers holding his precious baby as he talked to his wife, Mosel, about starting their new company. He didn’t want it to be another “cookie-cutter” IT services firm that paid more attention to overcharging their customers than to serving their customers.

Since opening the doors to his IT services firm in 2001, Rodney has built his business on a foundation of integrity, perseverance and genuine concern for his clients’ needs. In 2009, he was ready to grow his business considerably through an acquisition.

As luck would have it, the company he purchased shared Rodney’s belief system where customers are the center of the business. The company was known by the acronym LYLAB, which stands for “Love You Like A Brother.”

Ever since that acquisition, they’ve been known as LYLAB Technology Solutions. Because Rodney, Mosel and their team genuinely care about their Pennsylvania community, local business owners have trusted LYLAB Technology Solutions for 10, 15 and even 20 years or more.  

A Foundation Of Customer-Centered Integrity For Over 20 Years

Of course, a company name becomes hollow if its spirit isn’t executed day in and day out. That’s why since opening their doors more than 20 years ago, LYLAB Technology Solutions has put its customer relationships first.

As the marketing manager at LYLAB Technology Solutions, Mosel says, “Servicing small to medium-sized businesses is all about building relationships and trust within our community. Our customers have to know that when they need us, we will absolutely be there.”

Rodney makes it a priority to meet regularly with his clients and even have quarterly business reviews. During those QBRs, he is on a fact-finding mission to learn more about his customers’ needs as well as any potential problems that technology could remedy.

“I always try to communicate with customers as if I was in their shoes,” he says. “We never sell products or services to customers if they don’t have a real need for them. Rather, we evaluate what their needs are and only then do we provide solutions that best fit those needs.”

Rodney and Mosel remind everyone on their team that integrity is far more important than profits. A case in point: LYLAB acquired the web-hosting division of another company a few years back. One of their largest revenue generators – with an income potential of $8,000 a month – was an adult movie company.

Rodney proudly states, “Our values and integrity simply can’t be bought. So we could not, in good conscience, keep them as a customer. Maybe our wallet is a little lighter today, but we can rest easy at night. Our principles must come first.”

Intensely Focused On Responding To Their Customers

A glaring problem in most every service-oriented industry today is a lack of responsiveness. Going hand in hand with integrity, immediate and effective responsiveness became priority one for LYLAB Technology Solutions.

Rodney says, “Far too many of our current customers initially came to us because their previous IT company simply didn’t call them back. Our customer satisfaction is always in the high 90th percentile. That’s because we always make it a point to call customers back quickly.”

A Layered Approach In Protecting Their Clients’ Data

LYLAB Technology Solutions has been involved in protecting their clients’ data since day one. To combat the sophistication and aggressiveness of hackers nowadays, Rodney’s training, tools and proprietary approach to cyber security have become a lot more vigilant. His layered approach toward cyber security keeps cybercriminals at bay while his clients remain productive and can sleep at night knowing their business is safe and their reputation remains strong.

Over the past 10 years, Rodney has educated local small business owners about the importance of cyber security by regularly speaking at the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business Annual Luncheon.

20+ Years Of Perfecting Their Passion And Serving Their Community

Rodney Royer came from humble beginnings where he faced multiple challenges. Yet his passion and perfectionism traits have enabled him to build an IT business legacy that has served Central Pennsylvania small businesses for over 20 years. Throughout those two decades, Rodney and his team have earned multiple certifications and formulated beneficial partnerships. Among his most noteworthy are Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), VM Ware Certified Professional, Datto Certified Advanced Technician and Microsoft Certified Partner since 2003. Most recently, Rodney has taken the challenging steps to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. By earning this rare CISSP certification, he sets his business apart as a true cyber security expert!

What if Rodney had never been forced to switch his college major to Business Information Systems? What if his first boss hadn’t pushed him out the door? Without those setbacks, perhaps countless business owners wouldn’t have benefited from higher productivity, less downtime, greater security and responsive technicians for many years. Perhaps Central Pennsylvania business owners wouldn’t have the pleasure of dealing with an MSP that loves them like a brother.

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