3 Ways To Get FREE Leads From LinkedIn

I have a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn.

It has amazing data and targeting options, especially for B2B marketing.

But their ad platform, in general, stinks and tends to be pretty expensive.

But … they have things like message ads and conversation ads, which are really cool and work surprisingly well.

All this baggage, though, is probably a conversation that’s better left between my marketing therapist and me.

Today, I’m going to show you three ways to get FREE business from LinkedIn.

First, though, we need to realize that even though LinkedIn is really a B2B social networking tool, the keyword here is still “social.”

This means that your personal profile and updates you write personally will get a broader reach and more comments, shares, and attention than anything you do for your business.

For instance, Robin Robins’ LinkedIn profile has nearly 18,000 followers.

Technology Marketing Toolkit has an anemic 2,755 followers by comparison.

“Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec has 43 times more people following him than his company, The Herjavec Group.

This Brings Us To LinkedIn Business Booster 1

Post on your personal LinkedIn profile regularly.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be posting on your company profile because you should!

But don’t ignore your personal profile. Make sure you’re putting something there at least three times a week.

Some good things to post are an inspirational quote, a business philosophy, or a “truth” that you believe.

Here is an example of each.

An Inspirational/Motivational Quote

A Business Philosophy

A ‘Truth’

When you write a post of any kind, make sure to add a few lines of space and include up to five relevant hashtags.

LinkedIn Business Booster 2

Use your “Headline” to attract your ideal client, not simply tell others who you are.

If I went to your LinkedIn profile right now, I almost guarantee under your photo it’ll say, “CEO/Founder Of (Your Company).”

This is the most viewed part of your profile because each time you create a post, comment on a post, or someone looks at your main page, that’s what they see.

Instead of telling the world about that first, why not do what Technology Marketing Toolkit Producer’s Club Member Ross Brouse does and use that space to attract your ideal client?

Even something like “Manhattan’s Premier IT Firm For Small- To Medium-Sized Law Firms” is GREAT.

Decide if you want to brag or you want business.

(As a side note, we consciously changed Robin Robins’ profile to position her as a thought leader and CEO in the space we’re in AFTER she hit about 15,000 followers instead of using the formula above. Hit 15,000, and then we can talk about what you should do.)

Here’s another example from outside the industry:

See how his headline shows “I Help Solopreneurs Grow To 30K Engaged Followers In 12 Months”?

We hired Gary as a consultant because I saw this exact headline. I guarantee I would not have hired him if, instead, he used that space to say, “Founder/CEO Of Blooming Bound | LinkedIn Strategist.”

That would have meant nothing to me. Instead, he got thousands of dollars from us for consulting (and it was well worth it!)

LinkedIn Business Booster 3

Pretend your background photo is a billboard on a highway that your ideal clients travel down each day that you’re actually PAYING for. Is your current background what you’d want people to see?

Most backgrounds for personal profiles that I see are, at best, a logo from their company and, at worst, a stock photo or image that has no way of ever getting any business.

Use This Space To Do 3 Things:

1. Restate your unique selling proposition (USP).

2. Tell people what to do to take the next step.

3. Give them your website URL or other ways to connect with you.

Here’s an example of Robin’s’ post that does all three of those things.

While there’s a lot more you can do with LinkedIn, these three items would at most take about an hour, one time, to update your background and headline and then maybe 10–15 minutes a week to create at least three personal posts.

Start here and stay consistent, and you will get more views, referrals, calls, messages, leads, and even business using these three free LinkedIn Business Boosters!

Want more LinkedIn strategies? Check out “The Secret To Getting More Leads When You Have No List, No Emails, And No Cold Calling” at www.MSPSuccessMagazine.com/linkedin.

Mike Stodola is the Chief Marketing Officer at Technology Marketing Toolkit where he brings his passion for marketing and sales to its members and customers. Mike founded, grew and sold two of his own service businesses outside of Chicago before seeking to take his experience to thousands of other entrepreneurs by working with companies that focus on them. In his free time you’ll probably find him eating his way through his new home of Nashville and posting photos of his food-journey on Instagram.



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