The 17-Minute Video Blueprint That Attracts High-Quality Leads And Turns Them Into Clients

On This Livecast You Will Discover…

The complete model for using “short-form” webinars to generate leads and turn those leads into appointments. (Hint: There’s some secret sauce that doesn’t directly involve the webinar.) 

How to turn “dead leads” into clients with a click of your mouse. (A financial advisor-client of Dave’s was skeptical but followed his advice and instantly scheduled 18 appointments with leads he hadn’t communicated with for up to three years!) 

A new and vastly different client acquisition system where prospects are dying to see you more than you want to see them. (This goes far beyond traditional “lead generation” and standard webinars.) 

How to double the results you get from every dollar you spend on marketing. (*Right now, you are leaving a pile of money on the table every time you generate leads. Dave shows you how you to fix that problem and increase your sales nearly on autopilot.) 

Why almost every “guru” is DEAD WRONG about marketing with webinars. (Results from most webinars are dismal, they’re challenging to do well, the cost to get someone on a webinar is sky-high – I could go on, but you get the point. During Dave’s training, you’ll discover precisely how you should be using webinars to attract new clients. This is very different than what you’ve heard before.) 

How you can cash in on this NEW opportunity that will have your calendar overflowing with motivated, with “A-list” prospects who want to work with you. (They will NOT be looking for just another service provider in your industry, they will want YOU and be willing to compensate you handsomely for the privilege.)


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