How To Develop A “Golden Gut” To Make Better Decisions FASTER, And With Fewer Mistakes

The International Chess Federation, commonly referred to by its French acronym FIDE, has awarded the coveted title of “grandmaster” to only 1,500 individuals out of the 800 million chess players there are worldwide. Roughly ..0002% of the entire chess playing population.

One of the hypotheses of why grandmasters are able to beat their competitors with such frequency is that they can think multiple moves ahead of their opponent; in fact, it was originally estimated that a grandmaster could think 25 to 30 moves ahead of their opponent vs. 4-5 for the “average” good chess player. Turns out that’s not the case at all.

Good chess player and grandmasters alike are able to mentally map out roughly 8 moves ahead – however, grandmasters have a highly developed sense of pattern recognition, and subsequently (and intuitively) are able to consistently better choices (decisions) based not only in logic, but also in gut intuition, thereby winning more games.

This is the same “golden gut” you hear about from highly successful entrepreneurs who often say, “I’ve learned to trust my gut” on making critical decisions, such as hiring people, investing in companies, launching a new products or service, etc. And while this is great for them, it’s highly frustrating and useless to someone who’s a novice entrepreneur that doesn’t have the natural instinct to make critical decisions and needs more concrete advice.

But EVERY entrepreneur needs to develop that “golden gut” to run their business. You can’t research every decision to the umpteen degree or you’ll only slow yourself down to the point of non-action. Further, you can’t ever know all the facts. In the best-selling book, Thinking In Bets, former professional poker player Annie Duke points out that we cannot ever know all the facts in a complicated decision because there are too many variables to consider. Nothing is guaranteed – and waiting to make a move until you’re absolutely certain and absolutely guaranteed no risk means you’ll never make a move. This world is not as predictable as we like to believe it is.

So this begs the question, how DO you develop the “golden gut” to be able to make faster and better decisions and AVOID doing stupid stuff?

Turns out you need two things: First, you need a lot of input and exposure to successful people and success principles. Even if you don’t ACT on all of the strategies, information and ideas you learn, your subconscious IS absorbing that information, storing it in your supercomputer (brain) and subsequently developing your intuition. That’s why you don’t have to act on all the information we’re sharing with you, every campaign you’ll be given, every idea. Simply being in our environment and hearing the success principles we’re sharing DOES have a cumulative effect on you for the positive.

That’s essentially what grandmaster chess players have. They have highly developed intuition skills from playing against people who are better chess players than them and putting an effort into STUDYING the game. Their subconscious is recognizing patterns.

Second, you need actual repetition and practice of the skill. When I first started hiring employees, I absolutely, totally sucked at it. Even after I obtained a process for hiring and all the questions to ask, I STILL made bad decisions – and that’s okay. Because with every mistake, I learned. My intuition (gut) stored another piece of experience where I’m able to hire at a much better level than I ever have before in the past. That’s not to say I never make mistakes, but they are far less frequent and devastating as previous mistakes (hires) I’ve made.

In marketing, I cannot remember the last time we ran a campaign or invested in a promotion that generated a total zero. That’s because I’ve developed a highly accurate gut (intuition) about what will work (and what won’t) so I consistently make good decisions and avoid wasting time and money.

This is why I’m encouraging ALL of my clients, no matter how crazy busy they think they are, to come to one of the events we’re hosting this fall titled, 7 Steps To A 7-Figure Earning MSP. It’s not just to get more stuff to do. In fact, that’s not what we’ll be discussing at all. What it will provide is a place to allow your creative site to open up and new ideas and approaches to present themselves. You cannot find the “rising card” out of the deck – the elegant idea – sitting at home buried in your day-to-day grind. You need a LOT of exposure to successful people and money-making principles. Not to come home with a big, long list of “stuff” to do, but to feed your subconscious in a manner you cannot from watching a video from afar.

Here’s the details on how to join us:  

Be sure to join me at this year’s IT Marketing Roadshow event where I’ll be covering 7 Steps To A 7-Figure INCOME (not just sales) for MSPs. Building your sales and marketing team is a big key to this, and I’ll be giving you the blueprints for how to do just that:

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