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SaaS Alerts

Protect and Monetize your Customers’ SaaS Applications. The average 10-100 person SMB generates between 45-600 employee-to-SaaS application connections per day. This SaaS application usage often goes unmonitored and creates yet another security gap for your customers. SaaS Alerts is a unified monitoring and alerting tool that is purpose-built for MSPs to help you protect your customers while increasing your revenue stream. This multi-tenant, PSA integrated and fully brandable cybersecurity solution allows MSPs to protect and monetize their customers’ SaaS applications like Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Dropbox and others. Best of all, they offer free internal use for MSPs allowing you to secure your own SaaS application usage at no cost.

Moz Pro

Boost Your Rankings & Search Engine Visibility. Moz is a subscription-based product designed to offer everything you need for effective SEO strategy and implementation. It covers all the SEO basics like Keyword research, tools to improve rankings, and competitive analysis all wrapped up in a nice, neat bundle. It’s easy to use especially if you’re an SEO beginner and offers plenty of guides and educational resources to help you find your way. While you do have to pay for a subscription, they provide free tools that can prove very helpful for your business, including link building, keyword research, local listing audits, and more.

ASUS MB168B Portable Monitor

Impress Your Clients with Sleak Tech On-the-Go. Having a secondary screen to extend your desktop is a great way to improve productivity, but when you’re on-the-go, portability of such displays is always an issue. That’s where the ASUS MB168B comes in handy. With it, ASUS has built an appealing USB-powered, ultra-slim, ultra-light, auto-rotatable device that’s easy to carry, simple to use and has a sleek metallic finish. Bundled with the ASUS Smart Case and a two-way adjustable stand and protective sleeve, this is a nifty laptop accessory, whether you’re at a client site, the coffee shop or at your office workstation.

Sequr Modern Access Control

A New Way to Access the Office. It’s time to say goodbye to key cards and key fobs. Now there’s a better and easier way to give employees access to your office. Sequr turns your smartphone into a keycard without sacrificing convenience or security. The cloud-based access control platform allows you to distribute mobile credentials and unlock doors with a simple solution. Once an Admin assigns a key to a new user, the user receives an email to download the app and verify identity. The user can then gain access using their smartphone as a keycard. Sequr works offline so even if the internet is unavailable, your phone will still open the door.


HR Can Have an Enormous Impact on your Bottom Line. Your MSP business might not yet have 50 or 100 employees but regardless of the size of your staff, your employees need structure and leadership to maintain the effective, positive culture that you value as a business owner and the right HR software can provide the boost you need to unlock the benefits of well-managed employees. BambooHR is a cloud-based HR software service with support for small and midsize businesses. It offers small and growing companies a human resource information system (HRIS) that includes an applicant tracking system (ATS) and tools to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle.



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