Work Smarter And Not Harder With These Hot Tools

Capsule II

Don’t worry about a location not having the technology you need when you travel for a presentation. The Capsule II portable projector provides users with an all-in-one projection and audio system for easy presenting no matter where you are. The way you present yourself when you’re selling your company’s services is just as important as what you have to say! Make a powerful statement with this handy tool.


How often are you fielding questions from clients about protecting their network while they travel? PortaPow may be able to offer a solution. Today, skimmers aren’t just attacking consumers at gas station pumps. Our technology and information are threatened by hackers through charging stations at airports or travel centers. PortaPow is a data blocker that allows users to safely charge their devices from a USB port. Help your clients travel safely with this powerful yet small device.


Your clients look to you for protection from hackers, and they need some of the best protection on the market. In fact, 60% of small businesses will fail within six months of an attack. WatchGuard offers protection at three levels, including network security, multifactor authentication, and secure cloud WiFi capabilities. Don’t just offer your clients protection; offer them a secure system.


Protect your customers from phishing attacks with a two-fold system. Programming with Cyberfish can protect your email network from suspicious phishing attacks, but this platform also offers an educational tool. Software isn’t 100% effective, so Cyberfish offers training techniques, lessons, and informational detection to help your customers protect their email accounts and educate their employees.

Jabra Headset

Like Capsule II, Jabra Headset is designed with efficiency in mind. Don’t worry about missing phone calls or having to play phone tag with a prospect. Instead, Jabra headsets offer noise-canceling answering capabilities on multiple devices from anywhere. Answer your desk phone calls while traveling, or pick up a call from your cell phone without digging for it in your desk. Cross-platform utilization is easier than ever.

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