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What’s Your Excuse NOW?

The difference between growing, profitable MSPs and ones who aren’t making money is that the latter allow external circumstances to control their outcomes, the former MAKE the circumstances they need. I’m not saying any of this is easy, but it’s far from IMPOSSIBLE.

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Who CAN You Trust?

In business, and all throughout our lives, we all have to make decisions about who we can trust and whose advice to follow. Pick the wrong person and they can impart serious harm. That’s why you must have litmus tests in place to determine who you CAN trust that are designed to reveal the true competence and character of the person you’re about to put your faith in

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13 Life-Changing Strategies For Winning In Business And Life

In January 2023, during a private event, TMT founder Robin Robins sat down with Tony Hawk for a discussion in front of a live audience of TMT’s top tier clients. Here are takeaways from that discussion on how Hawk did it and what you can do to reach high levels of success in your business, too.  

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The Secret To Retaining Customers? It Starts With Your Employees…

Employee retention is a major challenge faced by MSPs, particularly because the industry is highly competitive, and there is a significant shortage of skilled IT professionals. MSPs must work hard to retain their talented employees to maintain their competitive edge and ensure long-term business success. I’ve got a few tips for MSPs to improve their employee retention rates.

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Bring Back The Budweiser Frogs

Recently, Bud Light attempted to reinvigorate its dying brand by hiring the transgender comedian Dylan Mulvaney to star in one of their ads to celebrate her 365 days of “being a woman.” The backlash was immediate and harsh, with a call for boycotts, and sales reportedly dropping a whopping 30%. I’ve also heard (not verified) that bar sales dropped 50%.

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