Entrepreneurial Roots Plus Tech Passion Helped Grow Black Diamond IT Into A Thriving MSP

Have you ever accidentally encountered something that changed the entire trajectory of your life? For David Farmer, this moment arrived in the 1980s. That’s when he took a job at a computer store across the street from the university he was attending. He immediately became captivated by the limitless possibilities that technology offered. Fast forward 35 years to today. David’s thriving MSP, Black Diamond IT, specializes in top-tier cybersecurity, VoIP, and IT management for businesses across Oklahoma and nationwide. 

Boundless Potential Of Technology 

Entrepreneurship runs in David’s blood. As a young boy, he was surrounded by entrepreneurs, including both of his grandfathers. That fueled his aspiration to open his own business someday. “I had decided that I wasn’t going to accumulate significant wealth working for somebody else,” David explains. “That’s why I was attending university in the first place—pursuing a business administration degree—until I took a summer job at a computer store, and the entire perception of my future shifted.”

He continues, “I soon realized my passion for computers and my desire to delve into the world of technology. So, I saved all my earnings that summer to purchase a Compaq Deskpro with dual 5¼-inch disk drives, 640k of memory, and a green screen. I paid $2,500 for that machine [equivalent to about $7,250 in today’s money]. Only two of us on campus returned to school with personal computers. I was the first to have an IBM compatible.” 

Acquiring his first computer only intensified David’s fascination. He explains, “I was curious about everything. I saw the potential of what technology could achieve, and it seemed boundless. I want to know what I don’t yet know, and I’ve always been that way.”

At this point, David had completed some coursework but sought a challenge that would push him further. He decided to take on the toughest challenge he could think of: joining the Marine Corps and enduring boot camp. After completing boot camp and training, David returned to university to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, balancing his education with military service.

David spent approximately two-and-a-half years in the Marine Corps Reserve at Regimental HQ as a field artillery meteorologist/surveyor. When that unit was disbanded he transitioned to the Air Force Reserve. He served an additional two years until he was medically retired. 

“After some reflection and goal setting, something was still missing,” David says. “I got married, started the company before I graduated from university, and eventually had three children.”

Addressing A Gap In The IT Market

David began a computer service company with a partner in January of 1989. “We didn’t really know much about running a business when we started, but we recognized a gap in the IT market that needed addressing,” David recalls. “While at university, I noticed a significant void in the technology industry resulting from the absence of intermediaries between technology providers and consumers. Without assistance, consumers couldn’t harness the full potential of their technological investments, and we aimed to change that.”

Early in the partnership, David observed that his partner wasn’t contributing as expected. He bought out his partner in April of that year. He actively developed his business while completing his university education and serving in the reserves. 

As a result, the early years of David’s career were marked by numerous groundbreaking innovations. He was the first to develop a telemedicine system in Oklahoma. He also created a post-mortem claims analysis system for another healthcare provider. David even authored the shipping and receiving software for Mexico’s voter ID registration project—a massive undertaking involving tracking approximately 46 million voter ID cards. Originally known as Black Diamond Computer Corporation back in 1995, David realized that Black Diamond was no longer just a “computer company” and rebranded it to Black Diamond IT. 

Building Black Diamond IT Into A Thriving MSP

From its inception, Black Diamond IT pledged to provide the same innovative services, with a focus on helping consumers better utilize their technological resources but under a new name. Little did David know that Black Diamond IT would soon expand to become a premier provider of robust IT services with clients nationwide. The work remains in progress, with Black Diamond IT’s service offerings evolving alongside the ever-changing digital landscape and its associated vulnerabilities.

Says David, “As cybersecurity remains a critical core element of effective client technology management, we aim to keep our technology services on the cutting edge. We are always searching for new ways to equip our clients with the necessary education, tools, and strategies to prevent breaches, infiltration, and data exfiltration while ensuring the security of their sensitive information.” 

What sets Black Diamond IT apart is not just their focus on cybersecurity but also their commitment to providing exceptional service, rapid response times, and an unwavering dedication to their clients’ success. “We place client functionality ahead of profits,” David emphasizes. “To clarify, when a client reaches out with an issue, my first concern is resolving the problem, not financial gain. This approach underscores transparency and integrity as pivotal components of our business operations.” 

A Family Business – A Legacy Of Entrepreneurship

This high level of transparency and integrity, combined with a genuine desire to invest in their clients’ success, has been instrumental as Black Diamond IT has grown from a solo endeavor to a professional team. David’s second wife, Tiki Jo, who also holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, joined the company part-time in 2008 after she and David married.

“Tiki Jo became more involved with the company after retiring from the State of Oklahoma with 28 years of service,” notes David. “Today, we also have the opportunity to work with all three of my children, with my eldest son, Patrick, leading the technical support department. To say that I’m a proud father is an understatement.” Thanks to this familial synergy, they’ve consistently delivered on their promise to make technology accessible and advantageous for their clients, becoming known as a reliable and professional one-stop shop for all things IT. 

In the end, David’s entrepreneurial journey, sparked by a chance summer job, and his family’s shared passion for technology, have molded Black Diamond IT into the technology solutions powerhouse it is today. “Leveraging technology tools, innovative planning strategies, and participation in industry networking groups ensure that Black Diamond IT does not operate in isolation,” says David. “In this ever-changing industry, one thing remains constant: our commitment to excellence and our refusal to settle for mediocrity. We strive to stay on the cutting edge without bleeding.”

To learn more about Black Diamond IT, visit here.

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