Embracing Innovation And Combatting Cybercrime: How Darren Coleman’s Small-Town Values Helped Build Coleman Technologies Into The IT Industry Leader It Is Today

It’s just a reality that kids always end up emulating the examples they’re given, whether good, bad, or otherwise. In Darren Coleman’s case, his exemplar was his hard-working, blue-collar father who worked tirelessly to put food on the table for Darren and his family. And today, these same values and work ethic can be seen throughout every facet of Coleman Technologies — an industry-leading IT company that provides robust technology solutions to businesses not just in the Greater Vancouver area but throughout Canada.  

All In A Day’s Work  

Growing up in the small town of Castlegar, British Columbia, nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Darren was raised to understand that if you wanted something, you had to go out and work for it. He would watch his dad wake up early each day to go to work to provide for his family and knew that this would become his role one day as well. “My dad owns an excavation business, which can be an extremely demanding industry, so I learned the importance of hard work and perseverance from a young age,” explains Darren, “and I would definitely say those values instilled by my father still guide me within my business to this day.”  

Upon graduating high school, it was time for Darren to figure out what was next for him. He wasn’t sure the family business was what he wanted to do, and he had always been fascinated with technology, so he decided to enroll at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, BC. After graduating, he started his career in January 1997 as a junior engineer at Full Factor Technologies, which is where he got his foot in the door with the IT industry.  

Spoiler alert: This was the business that Darren ended up owning and growing into the thriving IT firm that you see today. 

Although Darren started as an intern, he quickly advanced within the business and was soon given the opportunity to take over the company after working for them for several years. “This was during the dot-com era, and the owners actually wanted to go in a different direction into web development. So, I ended up purchasing the company, and although I still had to honor all their service and warranty obligations, from there, I was able to put my own stamp on things,” says Darren.  

He continues, “Although back then my goal was really just to help people with their IT problems, our mission has now evolved, and we’re committed to building a world-class IT business that helps companies of all different sizes stay secure and safe in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.” 

Building Coleman Technologies  

Officially becoming the CEO and rebranding his company to Coleman Technologies in 2001, Darren got right to work with expanding and honing their services. “Coleman Technologies was born out of the desire to make a difference and help organizations succeed. And honestly, things are becoming increasingly complex in the business environment, making it difficult for these companies to manage things on their own, and that’s where our team of experienced IT professionals come in,” notes Darren. “We believe that technology should be a tool for growth and success, not a source of fear and uncertainty for business owners.” 

Businesses that work with Darren and his team at Coleman Technologies can rest assured knowing their commitment to communication and customer service is unparalleled. Not only do they take the time to understand their clients’ needs and provide tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements, but they also offer 24/7/365 IT support. Thanks to this 24/7 Direct-to-Tech IT support, no matter when a customer calls, they will be connected directly to one of Coleman Technologies’ highly trained technicians to ensure that the matter is handled promptly and professionally.  

“This dedication to communication and excellent service is at the core of what we do at Coleman Technologies. We’ve built long-standing relationships with our clients based on these values, and, in fact, some of our clients that started with us 25 years ago are still our clients today, exemplifying how we are not just a short-term solution but rather a long-term partnership invested in the success of your business,” remarks Darren. 

In other words, they’re an invaluable asset to help a business grow while staying protected. Coleman Technologies will take complete ownership of a client’s IT management needs to ensure their networks and other technology requirements are running as smoothly as possible. But just being good is never good enough at Coleman Technologies. They’re always looking for ways to improve their services, build trusting relationships with their clients, and deliver the best IT and cybersecurity solutions possible. And in this respect, they’re doing a fantastic job. For example, they were featured in Forbes Monaco, where they were recognized as Canada’s No. 1 cybersecurity expert, and a book Darren has contributed to, “Easy Prey: How to Protect Your Business From Data Breach, Cybercrime, and Employee Fraud,” is a No. 1 bestseller and has landed him interviews on ABC’s “Morning Blend” and many more.  

But beyond Coleman Technologies’ commitment to the success of both their business and their clients’ businesses, they’re also dedicated to giving back to their community. “We support several local charities and nonprofit organizations at different levels, including the local Humane Society, and it feels good to know that we’re able to make a difference and touch lives,” Darren explains.  

Looking ahead, they want to continue growing and serving their clients to the best of their abilities. “Progress requires continual improvement,” says Darren, “that’s why we’re always expanding our services, always hiring better talent, and always looking to work with the best vendors to stay ahead of the curve, because this industry is rapidly changing every day.”  

Ultimately, it’s clear how Darren’s upbringing, where he learned the importance of hard work and perseverance from his father, has helped mold his business into what it is today as they continue working toward achieving their goal of being an industry-leading IT service provider throughout Canada. 

For more information on Coleman Technologies, visit www.colemantechnologies.com 

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