Rare Opportunity To Gain Access To True Titans Of The MSP Industry Without Paying A Dime

Robin Robins, founder of MSP Success Magazine, has announced an unprecedented opportunity for managed services providers (MSPs): access to the industry’s biggest, most successful MSPs – without having to pay for it.

Extending an open invitation to MSPs and IT providers, Robins will be live streaming her interview with five MSP Titans as part of the inaugural Titans Of The Industry Awards at the sold-out DattoCon event on October 4, 2023. All Titans on the panel operate companies with multimillion-dollar revenue, ranging from the smallest at $50 million to the largest, boasting a billion dollars in revenue. The cost to view the live stream is completely and totally free.

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Prior to the awards ceremony, in which one of the Titans on the panel will be named the 2023 Titan Of The Year, Robins will interview the panel live onstage. (If you can’t be at DattoCon in person, you’ll be able to watch the panel discussion and awards ceremony live through various platforms, including the MSP Success website, Facebook and YouTube.) Robins, known for asking the tough questions, promises to get the Titans panel to reveal how they are managing the issues on the minds of every MSP, including:  

How are they dealing with rising costs in every area of their business?

How do they deal with people complaining about them charging too much while increasing prices to offset the rising costs of talent and other rising operational expenses?

What kind of marketing are they doing?

What are they doing to find really great talent and terrific engineers, and how are they keeping those people?

How are they creating operational excellence?

MSPs will have a chance to peek inside the operations of MSPs who’ve built their businesses from scratch to multimillion- and billion-dollar businesses. You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Submit your questions directly, communicating your most pressing issues to Robin Robins, who will get the answers you most want to hear from the Titans.
  • View additional longer, in-depth interviews conducted by Robins with each Titan on the panel. These interviews get into how each Titan manages time and overcomes obstacles; lessons learned as they’ve grown their company; marketing strategies; how they achieve operational excellence and more.
  • Hear from each Titan in a prerecorded interview about how they built their business from the ground up – from no money to growing significantly – and what they did to reach the level of success they are at today.

Don’t miss your chance to get advice from the Titans of the Industry – for FREE!

Register now to obtain free access to the live stream of the recorded Titan interviews and to receive alerts about the interviews as well as notification when Robins and the Titans panel go live.

Details about when and how to view the Titans of the Industry live stream and awards ceremony, and where to retrieve the additional longer Titan interviews, are also available at www.mspsuccess.com/finalists. They are free for every MSP and IT provider.

MSP Success Magazine is a print and digital publication dedicated to helping the CEOs and owners of managed IT services businesses build strong, profitable, growth-oriented businesses. Written and published by Robin Robins, founder of Technology Marketing Toolkit, this magazine is uniquely focused on the topics of marketing, client-acquisition, sales, profitability, leadership and personal development.



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