Event Recap: TMT’s Sales Blueprint Roadshow

While some other industry events can start slow, with bad coffee and lagging attendees, the high energy in the Chicago suburb room at TMT’s MSP Sales Blueprint Roadshow was palpable. The room was jam-packed with MSP owners looking to learn from TMT CEO Robin Robins and other industry experts.

The promise to the excited crowd was that they would “discover new strategies that bring in qualified leads without fee resistance, discounting or manipulative, hard-close sales tactics.”

A lofty promise.

But did Robins and TMT ever deliver.

The event in Chicago marks the first of three instances of the same event. The MSP Sales Blueprint Roadshow repeats later in Newark (September 13–14) and in Las Vegas (September 28–29). 

The first day kicked off with Robins challenging the debilitating MSP CEO mindset many have when it comes to selling their services that renders them unsuccessful at convincing a prospect to buy and reiterating the point that “selling is coaching someone to make a decision that is actually good for them.”

As the passionate CEO moved on to how to build, manage and motivate a sales team, the room took furious notes (and snapped photos of cheat-sheet slides like “how to compensate your sales team” formulas and averages). The entire morning was “the best crash course in how to sell and how to manage others to sell,” said one attendee.

The swipe files and cheat sheets continued as Adam Spencer, CEO of 911 IT, took the stage to share his prospecting and marketing hacks that propelled his ARR to $939,612. His “Market By Numbers” spreadsheet, which was made available to all attendees, calculates exactly how much marketing you need to do to hit your growth goals.

The first day concluded with Robins taking the stage again to dispel some digital marketing myths (Myth: Digital marketing is cheap. Fact: The average MSP Google PPC lead costs $2,165) and introduce new online lead generation strategies. After the attendees spent the day “drinking from the firehose” (one attendee’s words that were overheard as he left the main-stage room), it concluded with drinking from the bar and networking with sponsors in the Vendor Hall.

In the hallways, the general conversation between MSPs was that of continued difficulties in hiring and maintaining good talent, the impending (or current) recession, and the usual hearsay and gossip that accompanies any industry event (who sold to who, who left where, who didn’t sell and who ended up where).

I thought the second day would bring exhausted attendees, worn out from the prior day’s whirlwind of learning, but it was as if the first day gave them a new energy.

With MSP Sales Expert Sitima Fowler starting off the day by walking through the step-by-step process for Discovery Calls and Proposal Meetings that leave your prospect saying “yes,” those in the room were back to scribbling as many notes as possible. MSP CEO Will Nobles’ session on how to sell compliance, which included templates for how to package and price, was extremely popular, and day two continued to bring speakers who showed numerous ways to add more value, charge more for your services and increase profits.

All in all, TMT’s MSP Sales Blueprint Roadshow brought the same energy, motivation, ideas and marketing takeaways that Robins and her team always have at their events. And based on the attendee feedback and engagement, they sure did deliver on their promise.

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