Kaseya Connect 2023 Reveals Innovation And Acquisitions That Transform The MSP Space

Kaseya Connect 2023 was an action-packed and informative event where MSPs and other IT professionals together with Kaseya’s leadership looked at the ways that Kaseya is transforming the MSP space in 2023 and beyond. Attendees enjoyed amazing keynote presentations and more than 100 focused sessions devoted to helping them make their businesses stronger. MSPs also got to connect with their peers and industry leaders to learn about the latest trends in technology and how Kaseya’s solutions can be leveraged to drive their success and secure their customers today and tomorrow. 

Day one kicked off with a bang with an energetic keynote from Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola, a much-anticipated event that is the highlight of every Kaseya Connect. This year’s keynote continued that tradition as attendees learned about exciting developments at Kaseya, the innovations that can be expected in 2023, and how Kaseya plans to continue evolving and growing. Voccola emphasized that Kaseya understands that MSPs are experiencing challenges in today’s uncertain economy. However, he believes that the small to mid-sized business (SMB) technology market is the right place to be right now as SMBs pursue digital transformation, noting that by 2025, almost 60% of the private global workforce will be SMBs.  

Voccola also assured MSPs and IT professionals that Kaseya is aware that today’s technician is serving a multifunctional role, so Kaseya continues to innovate to reduce burnout and improve the multifunctional IT professional’s quality of life. In the presentation, he revealed that a major problem for technicians is being forced to spend hours moving between the platforms and solutions of an estimated 17 vendors. Those wasted hours were cited as a major motivator behind Kaseya’s plans to keep pursuing key integrations through its IT Complete platform. IT Complete covers all of a company’s bases with more than 40 fully integrated modules spanning operations, security, and network management.  

Several major announcements about acquisitions and other initiatives from Kaseya were also revealed in the keynote. Voccola announced the launch of IT Complete 2.0. The first purpose-built platform for the multifunctional IT professional, IT Complete 2.0 brings everything an IT professional needs to get the job done onto one platform. The acquisition of two new brands was also announced during the keynote. Kaseya has added Vonahi Security, a penetration testing product, to its security suite along with premier automated sales presentation solution, audIT. 

What it means for you:

Less unproductive, wasted time bouncing between solutions and more time billing. 

One of the biggest announcements of the keynote address was also one of the most exciting for MSPs. Kaseya’s Cyber Insurance Fast Track Program is a game changer. This initiative solves an ongoing problem for MSPs and their clients. The process of obtaining cyber insurance can require businesses to jump through a variety of confusing and onerous hoops to obtain coverage. But with the Kaseya Cyber Insurance Fast Track Program, those blockers are eliminated, making the path to coverage as simple as ensuring that a business is protected by Kaseya’s security suite. Plus, coverage will be 30% – 50% less expensive through Kaseya’s Cyber Insurance Fast Track Program than it is through traditional sources. 

What it means for you:

Cyber insurance coverage for you and your clients at deeply discounted rates with fewer hoops to jump through to get much-needed coverage. 

The advent of the Kaseya Remote IT and Security Management (RITSM) Certification Program was also met with praise. Modeled after the Cisco CCNA program and the Microsoft MCSE program, Kaseya’s RITSM Certification Program is designed to provide IT and security organizations leveraging the IT Complete platform with a deep pool of talented professionals to help drive their businesses forward. Kaseya has invested significant resources to create a 40-hour certification program to prepare candidates for roles in remote IT and security management with expertise in various modules of Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. The Kaseya RITSM Certification Program currently has more than 5,000 participants. 

What it means for you:

A long-term solution to the hiring and talent crisis MSP owners face. 

The second day of Kaseya Connect 2023 featured a keynote address by Nadir Merchant, Kaseya’s General Manager – IT Operations Products, who took a deeper dive into the details of the exciting new Kaseya One developments. Kaseya One aims to improve technician efficiency with a unified login experience that saves time and improves security by centralizing identity and access management. By bringing in centralized user management to reduce administration time and improve security with role-based access, technicians are able to administer safely and efficiently from one place rather than in each module.  

Merchant detailed how Kaseya One reduces vendor fatigue through time-saving processes like centralized billing, simple management of invoices, a connection to the IT Complete store, and easy license management. Kaseya has added more than 350 integrations within its IT Complete platform including the successful integration of all Datto products. Kaseya University was highlighted as another must-have resource for IT professionals. Kaseya University offers training and certifications, including auto-enrollment for new employees and trainee report cards, making training and cross-training easy.  

What it means for you:

More productivity solutions introduced! Techs and MSPs can take on more revenue-boosting clients without added personnel. 

The presentation also took IT professionals inside the benefits they can enjoy with the Cooper Intelligence Engine. This technology offers AI guidance for software utilization guides and essential reports, directing users toward the complete utilization of their Kaseya software investments. It is 100% free and a part of IT Complete. Finally, Merchant drew attention to the unbeatable expertise and networking opportunities offered by Kaseya’s vibrant community and shared the news that the Datto and Kaseya communities were combining in the summer of 2023 to bring a unified experience to all customers.  

Day three offered even more valuable knowledge for IT professionals. A presentation by Kaseya CISO and former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent Jason Manar outlined the cyber threat landscape for MSPs and the SMBs they serve. Manar drew attention to the risks that many businesses face and how that risk picture is expected to shape up moving forward. Attendees got an exclusive look inside some of today’s most damaging cybercrimes and the gangs that carry them out. Looking at the future of cyber risk for businesses, Manar also warned about the ease with which cybercriminals can purchase information and other cybercrime services on the dark web as well as how that marketplace is evolving.  

This informative main-stage content wasn’t the only thing going on at Kaseya Connect. In collaboration with Florida International University, Kaseya offered a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) pre-training course. That certification is recognized globally as a top cybersecurity credential. Attendees were also able to gain certification in the administration of Autotask, BMS, Datto BCDR, IT Glue, Unitrends, and VSA. Plus, attendees could choose from a host of breakout sessions on a wide array of subjects including cybersecurity, marketing, networking, incident response, and making the most of Kaseya’s solutions. 

As with every Kaseya Connect, it wasn’t all work and no play. Attendees enjoyed a variety of evening events that highlighted the classic culture of Las Vegas and celebrated IT. From evening one’s Elvis impersonator and faux-Rat Pack show to the amazing talents showcased at the Carnival (complete with bumper cars), IT professionals had plenty of opportunities to mix, mingle, and relax. All of that activity culminated in a final celebration, complete with fireworks, at the Wet Republic in the MGM Grand.  

But the event didn’t just focus on technology and fun. As always, Kaseya looked for a way to give back to the local community and found it in their Cooper Cares initiative. Part of the greater Kaseya Cares initiative, Cooper Cares collected personal care supplies like soap and deodorant for the Veterans Care Charity of Nevada and the Salvation Army for the second consecutive year. This year, a flood of support from everyone at Kaseya Connect resulted in the assembly and donation of more than 750 backpacks of much-needed toiletries on the final morning of Kaseya Connect that will go to veterans in need. That’s almost twice as many bags as were donated in 2022. 

Kaseya Connect 2023 brought the MSP community and other IT professionals together in Las Vegas to have important discussions about the evolution of IT today and tomorrow. This event is always an unmissable landmark in the year, full of growth-focused energy and positive connection. Live events like Connect IT offer MSPs and other IT professionals an invaluable opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences as well as communicate directly with executives at Kaseya about their challenges and their clients’ needs, spurring the all-important discussions that shape the future of the MSP space. 

What it means for you:

Education, industry announcements, trend forecasting, networking, and fun make attending MPS events live and in-person an irreplaceable investment in you and your business’s growth.  

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