Where Did Your Clients Come From?

MSP Success Magazine recently polled more than 400 MSPs to find out what marketing activities brought in the greatest amount of new clients last year, along with predictions and goals for new clients this year.  

According to our survey, the top 3 sources of new business last year were Referrals/Word Of Mouth, Upselling/Cross-Selling Current Customers, and Inbound Calls/Website Form Fills. Close behind that were Drip Marketing, Outbound Calling and Direct Mail.

Next up was predicting which marketing activities new business would come from next year. The top answer (among the top 3) was still referrals/word of mouth coming in at 55.0%, with drip marketing (43.8%) and then upselling/cross-selling current customers (40.3%) following close behind. 

Last year 44.3% of survey takers added 0-5 new clients, while 30.3% added 6-10 and 18.6% added 11-20 new clients. 

Finally, the goal for new clients this year was highest with 11-20 new clients (35.4%), then 6-10 (33.3%) followed by 21-50 new clients (18.2%). 

Download the full survey results here and let us know what marketing activities you plan on using to score new clients next year! 

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