Kaseya Connect Global 2023: The 5 “Do Not Miss” Announcements From Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola’s Keynote

A different (and better!) world for MSPs was celebrated this week in Las Vegas. While most industries face a challenging and uncertain global economy, with headlines about Big Tech companies laying off thousands and slashing staffing to the bone, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola unveiled a far more optimistic and hopeful vision for MSPs and IT professionals at Kaseya’s annual Connect Global conference this week.   

Here are the five BIG announcements from his keynote – if you are in the MSP industry, pay attention to these: 

  1. IT COMPLETE 2.0 is here – Remember when Microsoft combined their different business applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) into an integrated product? Kaseya has taken that same approach with IT Complete 2.0, acquiring external companies to fill in any gaps in their different suites of applications, which was designed to constantly evolve to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the marketplace. And whether the technology is acquired from an outside company or was developed through in-house R&D, the end goal is a fully integrated platform of applications to increase efficiencies, productivity and visibility. What does this mean for you? More time and more money. 
  1. The industry leader in automated penetration testing – Vonahi Security – is now “A Kaseya Company.” This means MSPs now have the ability to perform an internal or external network penetration test whenever and as often as they want, with cost savings over 60% less than a traditional or manual network penetration test. Best of all, they’re lowering the price of this service by 10% IMMEDIATELY, and if you own it, you get 10% more licenses at no charge.  
  1. Another Kaseya acquisition was announced: audIT, the #1 Sales Presentation System for MSPs. audIT can quickly and easily create visual, nontechnical and persuasive sales presentations that close more high-ticket IT deals with almost zero price resistance – making your services basically a budget request. And because Kaseya believes so strongly in the importance of helping MSPs succeed, they’re giving five licenses to every customer for FREE! (If you’re already an audIT customer, you’ll get an additional five licenses for free.) 
  1. Kaseya introduced their new Cyber Insurance Fast Track Program for their customers. Every partner and customer using a security suite from RocketCyber, Datto EDR, Graphus, BullPhish and Dark Web ID immediately qualifies for cyber coverage of $1.5 million at below-market rates. And because you’re an MSP, the businesses and organizations you serve can qualify for the same rates if they’re also using the same Kaseya security suite. 

And last, but certainly not least…  

  1. The new Kaseya RITSM Certification Program is designed to provide qualified professionals with a pathway to become certified experts on remote IT and security management using Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. It’s a 40-hour program that prepares candidates for roles in remote IT and security management, focused on developing expertise in Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. RITSM currently has more than 500 participants, with over 5,000 certifications on track by the end of 2023. They expect to have over 1 million certified professionals in place by 2027, helping make sure that the highly trained technicians that MSPs need are available and affordable. 

These announcements from Fred Voccola at Kaseya’s annual conference all reinforce the new Powered by Kaseya label, with Kaseya aiming to provide certainty for MSPs that everything you rely on to manage your business’s technology is securely managed and protected.  

“Everything that we have built into IT Complete, and the hundreds of millions of dollars we’ve invested and will continue to invest, was done to ensure that organizations ‘Powered by Kaseya’ are recognized as delivering the best IT and security solutions on the planet,” Voccola said. “This year’s Kaseya Connect Global will demonstrate to the world why IT and security organizations ‘Powered by Kaseya’ are the most successful in their industries.” 

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