Paying Attention To These 2 Fundamentals Grew Our MRR By $43,000 In Less Than 90 Days

TriQuest Technologies had been a successful and high-end IT services firm for 25 years, but we hit a wall with growth. We had been relying on word of mouth, reputation and referrals for new customers, so in 2021, owners Cyndy and Gary Tonniges decided they needed more consistent marketing growth rather than sporadic marketing efforts. TriQuest needed a way to grow business, increase brand awareness and attract new customers at a calculable and increased rate. But how?

TriQuest Needed Consistent Marketing

Cyndy and Gary knew they needed to build some of the basic marketing collateral and they had to implement and plan consistent and varied marketing. In order to focus on marketing, strategy, campaigns and lead generation, they recognized that they needed a full-time, dedicated marketing person.

“Hi, I am Maddie Sauerbreit” — the result of this marketing insight and the new Marketing Coordinator for TriQuest Technologies.

Marketing is the key to business and profit growth, and I (Maddie) had the amazing opportunity to plan and implement the strategies, campaigns and techniques needed to grow TriQuest to where Cyndy and Gary wanted to see it. As I hit the ground running, I am reminded of how important it is to commit to and value marketing as a tool to increase opportunities and prospects. I’m reminded also of two fundamental, KEY things about marketing.

Fundamental 1: Marketing Is People

When I first saw this diagram at an IT marketing training course, I leaned over to Cyndy and told her I was going to try it on my boyfriend until he moves to Texas (it took three months, but it worked!). It really stuck with me and had a large impact on my view of business-to-business (B2B) marketing. I have three times more experience working business-to-consumer marketing than B2B marketing, but I realized that when you sell to a business, you are still selling to people. They are just people attached to a company with deeper pockets, with the same purchasing habits.

Cultivated Opportunities that lead to the Competitive Selling Zone is why we do the marketing. Even if we do not get appointments right away, we are building our brand, awareness, interactions and credibility, and showing persistence. B2B prospects are “slow-maturing buyers” and typically take a longer time to make a decision. Patience and commitment are key.

Fundamental 2: Marketing Math Should Drive Decisions

Understanding the marketing math makes our target goal an educated forecast, not a wild guess. An increase in the flow of inbound leads, paired with a talented telemarketer, following the prescribed system and a knowledgeable salesperson with a high close rate (and who is the face of the company) will dramatically impact our marketing efforts. I paid very close attention to our numbers, results, close rates and MATH to make sure our efforts were paying off.

I started with the foundation of our marketing – our list. I knew we could design all the fancy marketing in the world, but we needed a CLEAN, responsive list to market to. In just a few short months, I grew our list by 27% and uncovered in our database over 60 qualified leads, hot and ready for sales. We launched several ongoing, regularly implemented marketing campaigns that increased our monthly recurring revenue by $43,000 in less than 90 days. By tracking EVERYTHING from callback percentage and response rates to open percentages, engagement and more, we learned what worked (and what didn’t).

It Paid Off!

Not only did revenues and profits take a huge jump, but in November of 2022, Gary and Cyndy were named the Entrepreneurs of Excellence 2022 winners by Fort Worth Inc. Not only is this an extraordinary honor, but it was an unexpected and perfect way to build credibility and awareness.

TriQuest Technologies is a phenomenal and knowledgeable company staffed with people who care about their customers and their work. With clear marketing goals, we will increase our recurring revenue and customer count over the next 12 months.

“Committing to marketing will bring in more people to witness and reap the benefits of a company that understands you, your needs, your concerns, your wants and your worries.” – Maddie Sauerbreit

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Maddie Sauerbreit

Maddie is the marketing coordinator for TriQuest Technologies. TriQuest Technologies specializes in supporting CFOs and controllers who are responsible for directing and managing the IT support within their organization. We help customers utilize technology and be more effective in their work – while keeping their critical systems and data safe and secure – by consistently delivering reliable IT solutions.


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