How To Get More Love (From Your Social Media Followers)

Without Engagement, Social Media Is Just Media.

Yes, having a good social media presence where you regularly put out interesting, relevant, and entertaining content will keep leads from thinking you’re an archaic dinosaur (it’s not fair, but because you are in tech, your leads EXPECT you to have great social media presence and will greatly fault you if you don’t). But without engagement, it’s like standing all alone in the middle of a forest, talking to no one, and expecting relationships.

How do you take the content you are already putting out there and get more likes, comments, shares, and engagement? It all starts with learning the No. 1 rule in the social media game.

Play The Game

Social media platforms make money through ads, which means their primary goal is to keep people engaged and logged on to the platforms for as long as possible in order to see these ads. If your content engages your audience and keeps them on the platform, the social media gods will shine favorably on you and show your content more, which will turn into more engagement. You don’t have to be doing ads on social media in order to get visibility, though. You can (and should) be posting free content on a daily basis, Monday–Friday (at a minimum).

Tips To Get More Engagement

Reshare Content To Your Personal Pages. Even though many of your personal social networks may be just that — personal connections — they are the ones who will be more likely to engage with your content, which is the goal! Ask team members to reshare as well, especially those who are visible figures in the company or have contact with clients and prospects (sales, marketing, engineers, etc.).

Get Likes FAST. Have employees go in and like and leave a comment on the post within 45 minutes to an hour of posting. IMPORTANT: The posts that receive interaction within the first 45 minutes to an hour will do the best, as the algorithm will notice people are interested in the post and will push it out to more people.

Go LIVE Once A Week With A Quick Tech Tip. Facebook likes live content and will give it more traction than an uploaded video.

Like Others’ Pages Logged In As Your Page. Go to the pages of your current clients or 100 dream prospects and click the “…” button underneath the cover photo and select “Like as your page.”

Join Local Groups. This could be groups such as the chamber, city business groups, etc. Join AS YOUR PAGE and share a post there once a week.

On LinkedIn, Invite Connections To Like Your Page! (Each admin gets a set number of credits a month. When someone you invite likes the page, you’ll get your credit back so you can invite someone else.)

Spend 5–10 Minutes A Day Engaging With People. Like, share, and comment on client pages, prospects, community groups. Be active — but also be wary of the massive time suck social media can be. This isn’t time to fall down a rabbit hole checking in on old schoolmates. This is an INTENTIONAL time set to engage with purpose. Set a timer and log OFF the second it goes off.

ADVANCED TIP: Put Some Money Behind It!

• Facebook: Upload your prospect list into your Facebook Ads Manager as a custom audience. Then you turn posts into ads and target the people you’re trying to get in front of.

• LinkedIn: You can “sponsor” a post, which is just like a boosted post if you wanted to try putting money behind anything.

Remember you cannot buy social media engagement; you need to BUILD it. It will take time (don’t get discouraged), and it will feel like it isn’t worth it (until it is!). But keep at it! In the words of the bestselling author Erik Qualman, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it.”

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