Close The Deal With Your Next MSP Sales Presentation 

The news is good for MSPs: More SMBs are turning to MSPs to manage their IT environments.

There is plenty of “business” to go around, yet bringing in new clients is typically not the easiest job for an MSP. The reason for this, in addition to juggling multiple responsibilities, is that most owners have a technical background — 75% of MSPs are founded by a technician. Others might be aware of the importance of dedicated MSP sales and marketing people but don’t have the time or expertise to build the team. 

Sales is the lifeblood of any organization.

It doesn’t matter if you are the salesperson, the sales manager, or the owner wearing all the hats. As technicians, most MSPs will sell out of necessity, then retreat back to the safety and comfort of working in the business. Some will grow and develop an MSP sales team, but many will continue to follow an owner- led sales process. With little more than trial and error to rely on, the majority of MSPs name sales as their No. 1 challenge. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Save Time And Clarify The Sales Process. 

A common misconception among MSP sales teams, is that new sales are tied to new customers; however, it is 11 times easier to locate opportunities and sell into their existing customer base. Analyzing what services your clients might be missing can help you grow your business and increase profits, but first, you’ll need to ace your sales presentation.

Think about this scenario- You go to buy a car, and the experience at the dealership goes something like this: You take it for a test drive, and now you can see yourself driving it in the future.

You want the car because the experience appeals to your emotions, and you can see what success will look like. The same is true with technology. What would happen if the car salesperson handed you a price sheet breaking down costs for things like the engine, brakes, upholstery, etc.? You’d be confused and left to buy based on the universal default price! That’s what many in the tech world do. They provide a price list (a proposal) and completely remove emotion from the buying process. 

Here’s where a successful sales tool like audIT comes into play. First, it shows the prospect a summary that encapsulates where they are today and makes them want more. Next, it makes it quantitative and qualitative by providing a score. On a scale of 1 to 100, maybe they scored a 32. This allows you to anchor where they are, and they understand it right away. Buckle up because here comes the test drive. This opens up a conversation about what the customer may be lacking and how you can help. Rather than giving them a proposal, you’re giving them a sales presentation

Summary statements help you get down to the bottom line for each audIT item you discuss. Instead of having to go through 17 pages of data, you can easily provide a high-level summary complete with infographics for up to a 36-point assessment. Simplicity combined with emotion leads to more MSP sales! 

“Sounds Great, But I Don’t Have Time To Put Together Presentations.” 

We get it, and we solved this problem for you. It takes about 4–6 hours to create a presentation when you’re pulling from different areas. And it’s not unusual for it to change by customer. No one has time for that, especially MSPs busy running their business. With audIT, you can assemble a sales presentation in about 30 minutes. 

Instead of having multiple people working for weeks to close a deal, you can pull together a compelling presentation with one person in less than an hour! 

Where Have All The Good Salespeople Gone?

Here’s another scenario- The doctor sends you to get an MRI…

When you get back, the physician doesn’t pull out the imaging study and go through the whole thing with you. Instead, you get the end result: “You have a torn ACL.” As technicians, we want to prove how smart we are to customers. But this presentation tool forces you to be like the doctor and identify where your customer is with easy-to-understand red, yellow, or green boxes. Say the client has some type of dark web monitoring solution; they’ll see a green on their business review for this area. But if they don’t have it, and compromised credentials are identified, they’ll see red. You can even create your own parameters and the system will remember them. 

Here’s Why You Need A Solution Like This. 

There has been an acceleration in the industry because of the pandemic — a surge in SMBs seeking MSPs to help them run IT as they move to the cloud and continue to embrace a hybrid work environment. MSPs’ sales teams must sell to prospects and customers, and if you’re not good at it, you won’t be able to educate them about making a good buying decision about products they desperately need. 

As an MSP, you have an obligation to be able to sell. If you’re not selling, you’re doing SMBs a disservice — they lose. A sales presentation tool like audIT allows you to sell effectively while showcasing your value to clients. It also gives you a leg up over the competition. While other MSPs may be offering price sheets to score new business, you’ll be getting much deeper by helping customers truly understand what’s going on in their IT environment, making you a true partner to them. Research shows that with a presentation system like this, 50% of customers will buy now and about 30% will buy later. Whether you’re cross-selling, upselling, or going after new customers, this tool will improve your closing ratio, increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and decrease the amount of time required to do these things. 

About audIT 

The audIT Sales Presentation System is a SaaS-based application that allows MSPs to more easily sell their solutions to the SMB marketplace by offering a fast way to create a simple, engaging, nontechnical sales presentation or business review. 

Learn more and get a FREE demo at

Frank is the CEO at Two River Technology Group, LLC and Founding Partner & CEO at audIT MSP Sales Automation.



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