Theresia Joseph Sees The Whole Picture Of IT Security And Allows Businesses – And People – To Thrive

Theresia Joseph can’t stand to see people struggle at the hands of failing technology. Before she founded TAVANCA, a Vancouver-based managed services provider, Theresia was a medical assistant at a practice outside of Berlin, Germany. She witnessed how gaps in technology support affected the workflow of hospital staff and the livelihood of the patients they were committed to helping.

Patients depend on technology. EKGs, heart monitors and other devices track vital data and translate it into beneficial measurements that impact patients’ quality of life, even providing life-saving results. But while working in the medical practice, Theresia noticed that several computers needed updates, new software or vital backups. “I wanted to make sure all the updates were running smoothly and there were no security issues. It breaks my heart to see people wait on care if technology doesn’t work,” says Theresia. Being the go-to IT technician on her medical team was not part of her job description, but for her, it was as natural a process as taking care of her patients.

Two Passions Collide

Theresia remembers the first time she saw a PC, in 1993. It was her brothers’, and if she was lucky, her parents would let her touch the computer when he wasn’t home. She was intrigued by the new technology, and a few years later she received her own PC – which she promptly dismantled. “I would take anything apart just to see what was inside and how it was built,” remembers Theresia. “I was just curious. How does it work together? What pieces have to be in there? Is there any possibility of removing or replacing pieces so it can run faster, or what would the outcome be?”

She’d been learning about technology since her childhood and had taken several IT courses in high school. When she realized the hospital’s on-call tech support was costing them time, money and the well-being of patients, she had to step in. “The IT support tech wasn’t on a managed contract,” she says. “I would have to call them and wait on hold for a long time. It wasn’t helpful, so I built my work around helping with IT.”

Her career in the medical field was wrought with heartache. She formed deep relationships with patients with chronic illnesses. “In my first months as a medical assistant, I became friends with a young woman who had cancer. We had a friendship and I saw her regularly. A few months later, she passed away,” remembers Theresia. “When her father came in, he just said, ‘Close her file.’ I was devastated.” Theresia realized she was passionate about protecting people, keeping them safe and vibrant, not standing idly by while the circle of life came and went. She took her strengths – a heart for protecting people and an acute understanding of technology – and pursued a degree in information technology.

A Dynamo Team Creates A Client-Centered, Results-Driven IT Business

After receiving her degree in IT, Theresia began working for an IT support MSP in 2018, where she met her future business partner, Rushabh Raval. Theresia was an expert in system audits and network assessments, while Rushabh was a professional IT project manager, and they quickly became clients’ go-to IT duo. They built strong client relationships and custom-designed business road maps for clients. They trained new team members, created efficient workflows and maintained customer relationships.

Unfortunately, a change in management at the company resulted in a culture shift. People were no longer a priority to leadership, and this took away the meaning behind the work. Colleagues quit and clients exited their contracts. Rushabh and Theresia did what they could to keep clients happy, but they knew that without a cohesive team and supportive management, they couldn’t provide the service customers deserved. So, they built a new kind of IT business – one founded on respect for people, their businesses and results.

In 2019 Theresia, CEO, and Rushabh, CTO, founded TAVANCA with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. With more than 15 years of combined experience in IT engineering, project management and infrastructure, Theresia and Rushabh ensure businesses receive comprehensive services that keep clients’ goals and well-being at the center of their work.

Building An IT Infrastructure Means Seeing The Whole Picture

While at the medical practice, Theresia saw how technology like heart monitors or EKGs translated complicated data sets or measurements to external PCs. Businesses need experts who understand the complexity of technology interconnectivity. “It might look simple on the outside,” Theresia says, “but on the inside, it’s very complicated. Data gets transferred into different measurements and the whole package has to be set up correctly; otherwise, you get false results. You have to be someone who focuses more on just the device itself.” This is why TAVANCA focuses on providing a comprehensive infrastructure to protect and support businesses.

Theresia looks at the entire infrastructure of a technology system and identifies possible interferences or vulnerabilities. Does the business have an Alexa Home or smart thermostats?

It might not be the best security solution, Theresia warns. “I’m looking at the whole infrastructure, including what technology or devices clients have set up. I’m looking at everything that is connected to the network rather than just boiling it down to the workstation, server and network,” she says.

Theresia combs through IT-related invoices and current processes with clients to find where they can save time and money. “I bring our documentation tool, so they have a list of all costs that are coming up, like Internet fees, printers or licenses,” she says. She helps clients create an IT budget, and in some cases, saves them hundreds of dollars a month that can be reinvested into the business.

Helping Businesses Develop A Vision And Plan

Often, IT plans fall to the wayside as businesses grow and try to meet increasing demands on their time and attention. “Some businesses are setting a solution without fully thinking it through. They may not consider new vulnerabilities with that solution, or the potential downsides,” says Theresia. TAVANCA knows that for a business to succeed in the future, it must have a vision and a plan. “There are different goals we need to understand about the business, like their model, culture and values,” she adds. “I make decisions or give recommendations as I would make for my own business. If my clients are successful, then I’m going to be.”

Take Control Of Your Data And Your Business

With 15 years in the industry, Theresia and Rushabh know that a reactive approach to IT and security won’t cut it. Their tactic: communicate often, be proactive and dig deeper. “My highest value is communication. We teach our clients from the beginning to call us even for small, one-off things like printer issues. We resolve the onetime issue, but we also look a bit further and see if it’s a symptom of a larger problem,” says Theresia. “I always encourage clients to come to me with anything.” TAVANCA won’t “close the file” on their clients. “After years entrenched in tech support,” says Theresia, “we have learned that, as amazing as technology is, the people and businesses they serve are far more amazing.”

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