Top Tech Tips To Help Prove Your Value

Welcome, 2022! It’s a new year, and you know what that means … New Year’s resolutions. If one of your resolutions for 2022 is to demonstrate increased value to your clients (and we’re sure it must be), we’ve gathered our top five suggestions for how you can hit the ground running.

Help Your Clients Transition To A Hybrid Work Environment.

Organizations are desperately looking to their MSP to help them transition to a hybrid environment. According to a McKinsey survey, 9 in 10 organizations plan on combining remote and on-site work going forward. Different clients will have different expectations of what a hybrid work model looks like, which is why it is important you consult with each client to develop a common understanding and regularly assess any changes.

Dust Off Your Clients’ BCDR Plans.

It is crucial to regularly update your clients’ business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans, especially for customers who have adjusted their data protection strategies to accommodate the new hybrid work environment of 2022. Share user-friendly “runbooks” with clients that include procedures and protocols for departments, teams, and individuals that need to be followed during a disaster.

Backup Is One Thing; Restoration Is Everything.

According to Kaseya’s MSP Benchmark Survey, fewer MSPs are testing their disaster recovery programs weekly or monthly. More are relying on annual testing when compared to the previous year — 30% in 2020 versus 17% in 2019. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Use your sandbox to test disaster recovery (DR): Partition client virtual machines and perform tests without affecting production servers. This assures clients that their hybrid workforce can access systems (either on-premises or in the cloud) and everyone, including remote employees, can access data in case an actual disaster occurs.

Select The Right BCDR Partner.

Look for unified BCDR solutions that are hardened against malware and use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect suspicious patterns and alert administrators to ransomware before it wreaks havoc. Solutions with anti-phishing defense capabilities empower end users and provide another layer of protection from credential compromise, ensuring that phishing attacks are stopped before an account takeover occurs.

Be Prepared. Schedule A Technology Alignment Review TODAY For This Summer.

Pre-schedule alignment reviews and be sure there’s a calendar invite sent promptly that includes the technical point of contact. Set an agenda for the review and include a pre-review and post-review check with a point of contact to begin and end the proactive engagement. Make your presence known: If you’re on-site, take a little bit of time to talk with end users. If you’re remote, use Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email to notify end users about the review and offer technical tips and tricks.

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