Top Tech For Modern MSP Well-Being

One of the silver linings from last year’s “dumpster fire” of a year is a renewed interest and understanding of the importance of health and well-being, even at the top.

Fortunately, technologists have continued innovating to keep up with demand, and there are hundreds of startups and established tech companies tackling this space. Here are our top picks for business leaders looking to improve the health of their company, their people, and themselves. 

Business Health

Compliance with privacy and security rules is tedious for both you and your customers. Kaseya Compliance Manager is a role-based compliance process automation platform that combines a wizard-driven workflow engine, automated network and computer data discovery, a web-based management portal, and built-in compliance document generation and archiving. You need it for your business — and it presents a huge opportunity for MSPs to step in and offer to manage the compliance process. 

Stress Management

The popular meditation app Calm offers motivational advice from LeBron James, stories to help you sleep, and hours of instruction on how to meditate and clear your mind. Also check out Headspace for its short meditations for people on the go. Either would make a great gift for employees or yourself. 

Healthy Workspace

Creating a healthy and productive workspace is easier when you focus on improving your corporate culture. Atium keeps team bonding alive by creating fun games to help your employees get to know each better in a non-work-related context. Taken more literally, a “healthy workspace” means breathing in clean air, and there is an app for that! Check out Kaiterra to monitor your office’s air quality.  

Fitness On-Demand

The closing of gyms and studios in 2020 brought a renewed attention to on-demand workouts. For the Apple devotees, the brand-new Apple Fitness+ brings studio-style workouts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, incorporating workout metrics from Apple Watch. Lululemon is now a tech company with its purchase of The Mirror, which claims that all you need is 2 feet of wall space to turn any room into a complete home gym.

Nutrition Made Easy

Keeping you and your employees cared for with healthy snacks is easier than ever. SnackNation puts together employee care boxes and is set up for in-office and remote workspaces. It even delivers to your family. For home meal kits, check out HelloFresh and Freshly to make healthy eating simple. ImperfectFoods is a feel-good option with its mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. 

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