Who Will Win The Election? (And What You Can Do About It)

As I write this, a tense question on everyone’s mind: Will Trump win? My answer at the end, and what you, the entrepreneur and business owner, need to do now. 

Regardless of who wins, you can have your little celebration or period of mourning – but then my advice would be to quickly get back to focusing on your own personal productivity. What you CAN control. What You CAN influence. The outcomes you CAN impact. What you DO has far more impact on the quality of your life and finances than who takes the White House.

Most folks are easily and quickly rendered useless when the proverbial “fire” flares up around them and things don’t go their way. They are easily deterred from their path by even a small boulder or obstacle in the road they’re on, either by totally giving up on their journey or allowing themselves to be so annoyed and angry about it that they lose focus and their ability to make progress, burning mental energy over how “unfair” it is, how aggravated they are about it. This is a “secret” of high-performance people: they quickly move beyond setbacks, quickly readjust their plans and get moving again. No matter how painful, disappointing or crippling the setback is. This is not how the vast majority behave. One little bump in the road throws them entirely off their game, their goals quickly abandoned.

Believe me when I say that I get it. This year has been nothing but a long, exhausting line of giant boulders rumbling down our path, forcing us as a company to shift, move, change, recalibrate and innovate like never before. I could sit and stew over it all, or even say “screw it” and sit the entire year out, refusing to get out of bed and even bother with the aggravation. After all, I have worked my butt off over the last 20 years to put myself in a financial position where I don’t need to grow and could actually take a year or two off. But that is the coward’s answer to the hardships of life – sit back and collect the welfare check and let someone else worry about it. That’s not how I’m wired and I refuse to give in or settle. We have more than survived this year, unlike a countless number of organizations that heavily depend on events as we do. 

So, will Trump win? Well, nobody thought he could in the last election – including this gal. I distinctly recall shutting off the news and going to bed early to avoid hearing the outcome. The next morning, I flipped on the TV and turned my back to the screen to start my morning ritual of making coffee when I heard “he” used in reference to the new president. I’ve never been as surprised over an election as on that day.

This time around, it’s Trump’s election with both sides voting for him, either to put him in office or to get him out, Biden an unimportant detail in the matter. As he did in the last election, he’s outworking his opponent. Even Obama admitted to this as one of the reasons Trump beat Hillary – he put out 10x the effort, knowing he was the underdog. Like him or not, his work ethic is one to be modeled. It goes beyond simple persistence. It’s something he’s not given due credit for – the discipline to get up every morning and get to work on winning despite the “fires” burning around him. I would suggest you do the same.

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