10 Ways For MSPs To Make Money Right Now Without Spending A Dime On Marketing – Part 2

As I said in the previous article, if you can’t make money WITHOUT money, you can’t make money with it either.

To prove it, this is Part 2 of my top 10 ways to generate more sales, secure more clients and fuel new business without spending a dime on marketing. Do all 10 and I guarantee you’ll drum up new business. ALSO: If you’re an MSP or IT services company, make sure you click here to watch a session I delivered at this year’s annual IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp on the 4 Essential Marketing Oil Wells To DOUBLE Your Business this year.

6. Ask For Referrals: Referrals are the lifeblood of IT services businesses – so show me your SYSTEM for asking for them. Don’t have one? How about your system for what you do with a referral once you get one? How do you follow up with the person who gave it to you? Do you send them a thank-you note? (NOT an e-mail…please…your grandmother would be rolling over in her grave.) Do you let them know what happened? Do you go back and ask for more? When was the last time you ran a referral contest or promotion? Now might be a good time to brainstorm how to fuel referrals.

7. Upsell Your Clients On Cyber Security/Compliance Solutions: Nearly EVERY business in every state falls under some type of data protection law – and these laws are growing in scope. One simple way to increase sales while also doing right by your clients is to sell an upgraded cyber security solution. That may include bundling advanced end-point security, a more robust backup and disaster recovery solution (for ransomware), dark web monitoring, employee training, dual factor authentication, a strong password manager, acceptable use policy development and enforcement, etc., etc. You get the idea – and what you propose will be based on what your clients need.

8. Raise Your Prices: You heard me. Raise. Your. Prices. It goes straight to your bottom line. Clients WILL pay more if you can demonstrate you’re competent and trustworthy. No good client makes their decision entirely on price – so if you are getting price-shopped, work on your sales presentation and marketing, don’t lower your price.

9. Re-prospect unconverted leads: Another HUGE overlooked opportunity is in leads that engaged with you at some point, but then didn’t buy. Far too many neglect these precious assets, thinking they went with someone else and “won’t buy.” Nuts. Over and over again, I’ve proved you can reactivate these prospects with a simple e-mail (thanks, Dean Jackson). Subject line is their first name and a question mark. Yes, their first name only. An e-mail sent to me would be: “Robin?” From there, the body of the e-mail should say, “Are you still looking for ________?” with the blank being whatever it was you last talked to them about. Example: “Are you still looking for a new IT company?” or “Are you still looking to upgrade your phone system?” That’s it. Then, just put your name at the bottom. Nothing else. No salutation, no closing, no “How are you today?” Try it. It works.

10. Publish content on all social media sites that drives to a long-form core content sales piece: Posting to social media is grossly misunderstood. Most just “put stuff out there” and hope their prospective clients will see it. Random acts and hope are not effective at fueling sales. My advice would be to produce a well-written free report, webinar or video that “sells” them on how to solve a problem or gain a result they want. At the end, be sure to offer a free phone consultation, audit, assessment or other valuable next step. Then write articles and other posts driving people to opt in and watch/read/listen to the longer-form content. Doing so will generate leads and build your list.

Now, the real answer for how to make more money, repeated from last week (and it bears repeating): ACTION. You don’t get rich (or stay in business) because you think about doing things. You get there by actually doing things. You get what you get by what you do. What YOU do. What you DO. To quote Tony Robbins, MASSIVE action. Not tiny, hesitant steps. Not sitting and waiting until you feel ready and prepared. Not waiting for a sign or the perfect opportunity to open up. You MAKE opportunity and pave your own path, even if that means fumbling around in the dark with a flashlight, hunting. Some will read these five steps, shrug and go back to Facebook. Less work there, more fun. But where’s the profit in that? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll take action on one, maybe more?

There’s no doubt about it: Robin Robins has helped more MSPs and IT services companies to grow and prosper, liberating them from stagnation, frustration, drudgery and low incomes. For over 20 years, Robin has been showing MSPs and IT services firms how to implement marketing plans that attract higher-quality clients, lock in recurring revenue streams and secure high-profit contracts. Her methods have been used by over 10,000 IT services firms around the world, from start-ups to multimillion-dollar MSPs. For more information and a FREE copy of The MSP’s Ultimate Guide To IT Services Marketing And Lead Generation, go to https://www.technologymarketingtoolkit.com



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