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($35 Value)

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80% Of Cyber Threats Caught By Blackpoint's MDR Solution Got Past Traditional Security Tools

Blackpoint Cyber detects breaches faster than any other solution on the market. Ensure your customers are protected 24/7 and stop threats before they get noticed with their nation state-grade cybersecurity ecosystem.

Ken Dawson

Mindrover Technology LLC

“Great Company To Work With”

We signed on with Blackpoint after several weeks of extensive research and communication with their MDR team. They were awesome from the beginning, and now 2 months in, they are still amazing to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a sophisticated cyber security program.

Lisa Niekamp-Urwin

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

“Dedicated To Cyber Security!”

Onboarding was flawless! First step was to get our MSP protected and understand the value! They did an awesome job of helping me understand how to sell this solution. I am excited to have this tool in my toolbelt!