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Hack Me If You Can: Common Security Mistakes MSPs Can’t Afford to Make

Even the most brilliant MSPs can struggle to detect new threats due to constantly evolving stealth tactics. On this webcast you’ll see a tool that is winning the war on cyber threats and protecting the interest of the good guys! You’re going to learn how you can use this tool to prevent and detect a threat in record time, securing your clients’ data and protecting your own reputation!

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Consolidation Is Changing The Competitive Landscape For MSPs, Says Will Slappey, CEO Of Industry Titan IT Voice

Will Slappey grew up in his father’s IT company in the 1980s, sweeping warehouse floors, running cabling, and filing paper tickets. In 2019, Will officially became CEO of his father’s company. He secured private investment and grew the family business from 35 employees and $6.5 million in revenue to an astonishing 255 employees and $50 million in revenue in 2023.

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Top 4 Reasons MSPs Will Not Survive Without A SOC

Having a SOC is no longer an option for MSPs today — it’s absolutely crucial for both your and your clients’ survival. Here are four business-saving reasons you MUST include a managed SOC as a part of your solution stack. 

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How MSPs Are Securing BIG MRR Contracts Selling Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT contracts represent bigger MRR dollars mostly because you’re dealing with larger organizations that have an IT department (usually 70-plus users, often into the thousands). It’s very common for contracts to exceed seven figures — and it’s good business, too.

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“Powered By Kaseya” – A Look Inside The Mind Of CEO Fred Voccola And The Future Of The MSP Community

Wrapping up a busy day jammed end-to-end with presentations, interviews and meetings, MSP Success Magazine managed to corner Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola to get his take on Kaseya Connect Global and what the MSP community can expect moving forward. Here’s the inside scoop on how he felt the week was going, along with the strategic thinking that led to some of our industry’s biggest announcements.

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