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Trump’s Mugshot

The path to achieving your goals is NOT paved with shining golden bricks as you skip along through a beautiful countryside smiling and singing with friends. It’s paved with misery, disappointment, rejection and predators.

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Easy Button Porn

A growing number of school districts are banning A.I. tools like ChatGPT in an effort to prevent students from cheating, requiring them to produce original thought and actually do the work. I agree. After all, do you want the doc or the lawyer who got a passing grade thanks to A.I.?

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5 ways to STOP Parkinson’s Law in its tracks

The enigma to Parkinson’s Law is that it holds a key to unleashing potential. By setting concise and realistic deadlines, we can short-circuit our brain’s faulty tendency to fill time. Those deadlines become a compass guiding our focus and prioritization, injecting a sense of urgency that nudges us toward action. In other words, get realistic about time and all of sudden, your calendar stops being your enemy.

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