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Are You Frustrated By Your Client’s Reluctance To Meet With You?

The SEED Method is a process I created to introduce opportunities to make recommendations to our clients. In no way is our engineer expected to be a “sale closer.” The entire point is to plant the seed in the client’s head that there is an issue. The idea is that this suggestion will open the door for the sales rep to book a meeting and work on closing the opportunity.

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Crewhu’s EASY Solution That Is Helping MSPs Increase Client AND Employee Retention

In 2015, Stephen Spiegel, founder of Crewhu, didn’t even know what an MSP was. Today, Crewhu is the only employee recognition and customer satisfaction platform built specifically for MSPs. Crewhu increases job satisfaction and rewards your employees for a job well done to create an environment of teamwork and appreciation that improves retention for both customers and employees.

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Hack Me If You Can: Common Security Mistakes MSPs Can’t Afford to Make

Even the most brilliant MSPs can struggle to detect new threats due to constantly evolving stealth tactics. On this webcast you’ll see a tool that is winning the war on cyber threats and protecting the interest of the good guys! You’re going to learn how you can use this tool to prevent and detect a threat in record time, securing your clients’ data and protecting your own reputation!

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