3 Surefire Strategies To Sell High-Profit IT Compliance Services

Organizations of all sizes are grappling with data protection, security, and regulatory compliance concerns. But SMBs in particular need a trusted advisor to help them come into compliance with an increasing number of state, federal, and cyber insurance requirements. The work doesn’t end there, either. Businesses must stay compliant with evolving rules and regulations. That can be a revenue goldmine.

To get started selling compliance services, here are three steps you should take right now.

1. First, Get Yourself Compliant

“Compliance” covers a wide swath—HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, GDPR, NIST, CIS, and other standards, not to mention the increasing number of state privacy regulations and cybersecurity requirements. Before you pitch IT compliance services to a potential customer, though, you’ll need to understand the investment of time and money required to meet the standards and what the pain points are. That way, you can let customers know what to expect and help them create a plan. There’s no better way to gain that knowledge than to go through the process yourself. Choose a framework, implement all the required security controls, and create policies and procedures. You may want to consider getting SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certified.

Then choose the target customer. Do you want to focus on PCI, HIPAA, CMMC? One size does not fit all when it comes to IT compliance, so become an expert in one standard to start; immerse yourself in the details and stay up to date with changes.

2. Get A Compliance Management Tool

While you can use a combination of reporting and documentation tools to deliver IT compliance services, adopting a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution can make you much more efficient. Plus, you’ll have the ability to discover opportunities faster. A compliance management tool identifies compliance gaps, creates plans of action to close the gaps, and generates policies and procedure manuals to demonstrate to your customers that their IT security and compliance program is working. It also enables you to respond instantly to audit requests.

3. Market Your Services With A Free Assessment

Many small and medium businesses are either unaware of their compliance requirements or just too busy to stay on top of evolving changes. This puts them at risk of potential fines and penalties. For prospects, consider offering a free assessment that reveals compliance issues they may not know they have. Then create a management plan to get them in compliance—and keep them there. With the right GRC tool, you can produce the assessment and plan quickly.

During the conversation, clearly outline the scope of your services, including the regulatory requirements you’ll address, duration of the engagement, and deliverables they can expect. You can also create new security services around tailored policies and procedures that match each client’s unique IT requirements.

It’s a compelling value proposition. Even if prospects already have an MSP they’re happy with, you can become their compliance expert. Expose the risks, close the deal!

For current customers, use your quarterly business review to do all those same things.

Address Your Clients’ Needs (Or Someone Else Will!)

We are still at the beginning of the revenue opportunities that will come with compliance-as-a-service, but if you don’t seize the moment, your competition will swoop in to steal that business—if they haven’t already.

For more on compliance as a service, read how Klik Solutions is using it to drive new, rapid growth.



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