“You’re In The Wrong Room”: How Going Back To Basics Set DigeTekS Up For Success

Brandis Kelly, president of the Midwest Region of Firestone, Colorado-based DigeTekS, stands by the old adage: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Once you’ve learned enough to be good at what you do, it’s easy to become complacent. In the same way, when an MSP business is successful and making good profits, many end up content with where they’re at. Often, that means stagnated growth.

Not Kelly. When she joined DigeTekS in February 2023, the MSP was coming off 2022 with $2.7 million in revenue. But they didn’t want get stuck at that plateau. “We were in the valley of death, as they say, and needed to forge forward so we didn’t get caught there,” Kelly says.

She rolled up her sleeves and took the company’s niche, strategies, and marketing efforts back to the drawing board.

DigeTekS’s focus for 2023 was on improving their procedures and processes, rather than extreme growth. It resulted in resounding success on all levels.

Refining Their Procedures

First, the MSP business honed in on what they were good at—helping clients succeed and grow by acting as their trusted IT advisor.

DigeTekS’s niche is helping specialized customers, such as law firms, hospitals, and government entities, meet regulatory compliance requirements, mitigate risk, create stability, and foster growth. By positioning themselves as knowledgeable experts and focusing on the client’s growth and opportunities instead of billing changes and open tickets during their technology business reviews (TBRs), DigeTekS has drastically increased their perceived value in the eyes of their clients.

Of note, their four now-largest customers grew significantly over the last year by relying on DigeTekS for planning and execution of their technology, security, and compliance standards.

Next, DigeTekS improved their marketing strategy. Previously, without a designated marketing person on staff, they had piecemealed their marketing plan. The result was inconsistent messaging and slow progress. With Kelly’s leadership, the company went from not answering phones live, a mediocre website, and failed direct mail marketing campaigns to all-around success.

In addition, the MSP reached out to clients for feedback. They put together a book with the glowing testimonials they received. They also hired two sales development reps (SDRs), who manage their direct mail marketing—now sent to a scrubbed list—and call prospects directly. Their new website does a much better job of conveying DigeTekS’s unique qualities. Finally, they now have consistent digital marketing posts going out five times a week.

“I feel significantly better than I did about our marketing oil wells when I first came onboard,” says Kelly. But she isn’t stopping there. Instead, she’s treating DigeTekS’s marketing like a threat assessment to fix any gaps that still exist. “We do the assessment, identify and remediate the problems, and do it again,” she says. DigeTekS also hired a dedicated marketing admin, ensuring that the brand’s messaging is consistent across all platforms.

A New Objective

More recently, the company’s focus has shifted to getting in front of prospects. They’ve joined two different chambers in areas where they want to grow, partnering with both to host Lunch and Learns over the course of the year. These connections allow DigeTekS to use the chambers’ newsletters and Facebook pages to post monthly ads, running promotions such as two hours of free support, free threat assessments, and dark web scans.

DigeTekS has also secured three joint venture (JV) partners and is hosting a quarterly webinar with one of them. These opportunities have brought them one new client and two more leads with outstanding proposals.

“We’re on a great track for continued growth and another successful year, and are hoping to add another million in revenue to essentially leapfrog us to the other side of the ‘valley,’” says Kelly, who was a finalist in TMTs Better Your Best Contest this year.

DigeTekS’s back-to-the-drawing-board approach and subsequent successes are excellent reminders that no matter how big and successful your MSP business grows, there is always room for improvement—and that the willingness to repair weaknesses in your process can have a monumental impact.

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