DMARC – A New Way To Grow Your MSP

All domain owners need DMARC. While your clients might still be in the dark about email authentication and how it works, they’re most likely aware of one of its direct benefits – email deliverability. 

In this article, we’ve gathered statistics and best practices for leveraging DMARC in your sales process and becoming the leading force during your clients’ cybersecurity journey. Let’s jump in! 

Start With Deliverability  

All businesses use emails as their first and most important communication channel. It’s cheap to set up and maintain. At the same time, it brings a significant return on investment compared to other communication channels. For every $1 spent on email, businesses bring in an average of $34. 

A successful campaign starts with delivered emails, and delivered emails are a result of an excellent domain reputation. While there are tools and products for improving email deliverability, addressing the technical aspect is the best way to begin the journey to better sender reputation. 

DMARC compliance is the technical baseline, a surefire way to show email service providers how trustworthy and reputable your emails are. There’s no risk during implementation; it only depends on in-house effort. 

While you can offer other deliverability services to your clients to boost their email campaigns, DMARC compliance results in stable and undeniably high deliverability rates. 

Enforce Your Point With Phishing Protection 

You might already know that 96% of social engineering attacks start with a phishing email. But do you know that 43% of all data breaches involve SMBs? Your clients need a reliable partner in combating cybersecurity and email security threats. 

New studies and reports iterate the increase in phishing volumes every year. With generative AI and hackers leveraging the vast opportunities it offers, phishing has no chance of slowing down. On the contrary, it’s almost a default that the number of phishing attacks will grow. 

Phishing is evil, but it’s predictable evil, and what’s better, DMARC is here to protect your clients’ most important communication channel. 

Grow Your MSP In Parallel With The DMARC Market 

Robust cybersecurity solutions have become more critical for SMBs than ever. Your prospects and clients expect you to include cybersecurity and email security services in your offerings or give the option to purchase them separately. A study found that 9 in 10 potential customers would hire a new MSP and pay 20% more if it had a strong cybersecurity solution. 

Last year showed the fastest growth in domains with valid DMARC; this year, the trend persists. Experts predict a fivefold increase in the DMARC software market in the next five years, reaching $1.722 billion by 2028. This means only one thing: you can take the growth train and increase your revenue by offering email authentication to your clients. 

By leveraging the growth of DMARC, you can spend less money acquiring new clients, and instead focus on the existing ones and nurture deeper bonds, increasing their satisfaction with your services and improving retention. 

Including DMARC compliance services in your offerings can also be an excellent lead-generation option for prospects seeking high-quality cybersecurity solutions. 

As email authentication protocols are gaining momentum, it’s high time your MSP leveraged it. Now, let’s dive into the factors to consider when choosing your DMARC vendor. 

Choose The Best Vendor For Your Needs 

Many DMARC vendors are in the market, and each one does their best to cover the technical basics and add value to their customers. Choosing among them might be confusing, especially when many larger-scale vendors gatekeep pricing and service lists before the first call with their sales teams. 

We want you to be efficient during the decision-making phase, so we’ve compiled questions to help you find the vendor of your dreams: 

  1. Does the vendor offer essential authentication protocol tools and reporting capabilities? 
  1. Is it easy to integrate the solution and use it daily? 
  1. Is the solution scalable, and if yes, is the payment mechanism as easy as scaling? 
  1. How is user access structured? Can my team members manage only relevant client data? 
  1. How easy and automated is it to customize authentication protocol settings? 
  1. Does the vendor include bulk changes to a given client’s domains? 
  1. Does the platform offer white-label reports? 

While solid technical and automation features are essential, ensure your vendor has your back with customer support and training, too. Remember, you don’t have to be a DMARC expert to offer your clients the best service. The best DMARC platforms aim to arm you with technical, sales, and marketing know-how. 

New features and frequent updates to the platform of your choice also speak volumes about a potential vendor’s quality and user-centric approach. 

And finally, don’t forget to ensure your vendor of choice complies with security regulations like GDPR and SOC2. 

Join EasyDMARC’s MSP Partner Program 

At EasyDMARC, we practice what we preach. While our platform caters to all customers and industries, we always fine-tune it to meet growing MSP needs. 

What do you get? 

  1. A new profit channel and an excellent customer retention opportunity 
  1. A competitive advantage due to our automated workflows and cloud-native software, available from any computer anytime 
  1. Scalable platform to accommodate your customer volumes 
  1. Flexible payment model to accommodate your customer volumes 
  1. Access to top-notch DMARC expertise during one-on-one training calls with a dedicated email professional 
  1. Sales and marketing enablement with assets, training videos, and calls to help you triple your revenue 

Book a demo to get acquainted with EasyDMARC – no strings attached.  

Mike Anderson is an expert at implementing startup marketing and sales campaigns that generate leads consistently into an enterprise business. His expertise spans critical technology challenges across sectors like technology, SaaS, and Outsourcing, leaving a significant impact on companies including EasyDMARC, Inbox Mailers, RedLime Solutions, EdgeMicro, Fujitsu Consulting, ITBoost, Quarto Labs, Network Elites, and Bob Howard Toyota. Mike’s track record includes securing multiple outsourcing deals exceeding $10 million, covering areas such as cloud infrastructure, managed print services, and infrastructure as a service. Renowned for adeptly managing complex planning cycles, Mike excels in million-dollar-plus consulting deals marked by extended complexities and collaborative approaches. His expertise lies not just in overcoming intricate challenges but also in fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.



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