How Netlogic Computer Consulting Became The Most Innovative IT Company In New England And Skyrocketed Productivity By Tapping Into The Minds Of The Younger Generations

Peter Tessitore has a long track record for recognizing rock-star employees with brilliant minds early on in their careers and developing their talent.

In the late 1990s, Peter owned a mortgage brokerage in Southern New Hampshire. He required strong, reliable WiFi and good encryption that would allow him to work from home while meeting the compliance regulations of the mortgage industry. But he couldn’t find a single IT company in the entire state that could set this up properly. 

With his computer network down, it was costing him $1,500 per day. After a yearlong search and many failed attempts, he finally found one person who could do it.

“Back then, there weren’t any managed services providers or IT companies servicing small businesses, or if you did find one, it was prohibitively expensive,” Peter says. “When I found this young man named Craig working at CompUSA who could set up what I needed, I was shocked. Nobody else could do it correctly. He fixed it and I was ecstatic.”

Peter gave Craig guitar lessons in exchange for IT work. Then Peter, whose strengths are finance, business infrastructure and building a team of smart people around him, started getting Craig side work. This led to Craig and Peter launching Netlogic Computer Consulting in 2005. “I hooked the business up with attorneys and brokerage clients and negotiated the deals,” Peter says. “Craig provided all the IT services. While I am not very good at technology, I was on the corporate side with Wall Street, and I understood how things flowed economically. It was a no-brainer for me to get involved in technology.”

The business grew when Peter gave up his mortgage company and began devoting more time to Netlogic. But it wasn’t until 2014, when Sharon Celani came into the business, that the company really began to skyrocket. With a successful track record of running and growing a martial arts program at a karate school Peter owned, Sharon was brought in to set up the administrative side of things for Netlogic. She put the marketing in place, took over invoicing and accounting, tackled human resources and helped Netlogic double in size, earning her a promotion to director of operations. “Originally Sharon worked at my martial arts studio part-time,” Peter said. “She grew to full-time and became an invaluable asset, so I convinced her to come help at Netlogic because we were growing fast. It was quickly evident that Sharon believed in and was highly committed to what we were doing at Netlogic.”

In 2018, with the company growing and doubling in size again, Craig decided to step down and Sharon became a full partner, stepping in as COO and co-owner. “While I am the salesperson and CEO, always the motivator,” Peter says, “Sharon’s the backbone.  She drives everything and keeps us going. She supports the needs of the team yet keeps them disciplined and refocuses them when necessary.” 

Within a year, Sharon and Peter doubled the company once more through a merger/acquisition and the development of a new program, Netlogic My365. This was launched in 2019 and has gone nationwide in under three years. Today, Netlogic Computer Consulting serves growth-focused small to medium-sized business clients throughout New England, and Netlogic My365 helps MSPs nationwide.

The Younger Generation Advantage

It’s not just the cutting-edge technology that makes Netlogic stand out. It’s the way they collaborate with the younger generation to run the company. Inspired by hearing businessman Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank) say that IT providers weren’t listening to how millennials interact with technology, they quickly adapted. Leadership is transparent and, with an emphasis on productivity, they’ve built a stronger, more dynamic team.

Erik Celani, 29, is Netlogic’s VP of Technology. “He is simply brilliant,” Peter says. “He’s a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and working toward Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.” David Swenson, 30, brings experience from working at Microsoft. He is Netlogic’s Director of Business Development and was instrumental in the development of My365. “I do not decide anything without including our team,” Peter says. “We get some powerful ideas and make so many decisions based on our team and managers. If it wasn’t for all the collaboration we have, we would not be as good. We are innovative because we are listening to the younger generation when it comes to technology.”

Better Security Without The Expense

Again and again, their young and innovative team proves they are revolutionary in what they are doing. When the industry trade papers revealed that the need for a remote monitoring and management tool was going away, Erik, VP of Technology, removed Netlogic’s RMM tool within the month, replacing it with cutting-edge technology. “We have greater lockdown with better security and an easier, less expensive way to take care of our clients,” Peter says.

A Revolutionary Approach To Skyrocketing Productivity

With the launch of Netlogic My365, powered by Microsoft 365, the innovative approach is revolutionizing how companies structure their business and operations. With limitless potential, My365 helps companies be more productive, agile and innovative by allowing employees to work from any device anywhere while maintaining security and compliance. This “productivity cloud” is so unique that the Netlogic My365 team is teaching MSPs nationwide how to implement and train on Microsoft 365. “We’re showing people things they didn’t realize Microsoft 365 had the power to do,” Sharon says. “And the beauty of it is how simple it is to use.”  

Why Employees And Clients Are So Loyal To Netlogic

With a retention rate of over 95% that includes clients that have been with Netlogic since its inception and a perfect five-star rating for customer satisfaction, it’s clear that Netlogic’s clients trust them.

“Our company philosophy is the circle of influence,” Sharon explains. “We take care of the people we work with. Because we take care of them, they take care of the clients we serve and always do their best work.”  

Peter and Sharon were influenced to create this “people-first” environment when working with children and adults in the martial arts realm. Sharon says, “Our students’ enthusiasm and eagerness to learn always kept us motivated, and we always gave it our all.” When Sharon and Peter set up Netlogic Computer and Netlogic My365, they wanted that same kind of philosophy throughout the company. In every employee situation the company has faced, from personal situations to sickness, they’ve stuck by their employees, and it has always come back to them twofold.

This philosophy also extends to their clients and is a nonnegotiable policy. If a client consistently treats their employees badly, they let go of the client. “It cost us upward of $14,000 a month one time, but it was the right thing to do,” Peter says. And Sharon adds, “When you do things ethically and morally right, your company will not only survive difficult times, it will also always strive to do its very best.”

Making A Difference In The Community

Business decisions aren’t the only thing they consult their team on. This year,as a team, they are supporting Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter, a nonprofit, volunteer rehabilitation, rescue and sanctuary for animals. “We want to do something where we aren’t just donating money or technological help,” Peter says. “Obviously, we’ll donate that too, but it’s more about donating one’s time and making a difference in the community.” 

With an innovative team of young talent that gets excited about saving clients money while maximizing productivity, combined with the ingenuity, years of experience and guidance of Sharon and Peter, Netlogic Computer Consulting and Netlogic My365 help companies use analytics and technology to discover an easier way to manage and guide employees and clients to be super-productive.

“A lot of people say after meeting us that we are not your average IT company,” Sharon says. “We all get along like family and everyone is stunned by it. It’s been quite the ride, allowing our youth to express what works today. I don’t think that our generation could see what our young and innovative team could in terms of the need to be mobile and efficient. More importantly, we’ve built a team that relates well with clients and can not only technically do everything that we expect, but they have the brilliance to recognize when things are becoming obsolete and figure out the technology that will take our company to the next level.”

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