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A $75 Billion Budget: Glenn Greenwald, Journalist Behind The Edward Snowden Files, On The Surprising Role Of Hackers In US Cyber Security And Surveillance

The journalist famous for breaking the Edward Snowden story in 2013 – which demonstrated how government institutions such as the NSA secretly surveilled American citizens without their knowledge – spoke on the Patrick Bet-David podcast last week about the current state of the US government’s cyber security and surveillance capabilities and activities and about what the bottom line in the “secret budget” for recruiting hackers is.

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The ‘Blue Ocean’ of compliance

Selling with a “loaded gun” is better than selling with a great sales pitch. “It’s not you holding the gun. It’s the insurance companies holding a gun to your clients’ heads,” says Robins. “It’s the government holding the gun to their heads. I’m not saying they are wrong for it. But there are customers of your customers who need this. What you’re selling is a bulletproof vest.”

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Hack Me If You Can: Common Security Mistakes MSPs Can’t Afford to Make

Even the most brilliant MSPs can struggle to detect new threats due to constantly evolving stealth tactics. On this webcast you’ll see a tool that is winning the war on cyber threats and protecting the interest of the good guys! You’re going to learn how you can use this tool to prevent and detect a threat in record time, securing your clients’ data and protecting your own reputation!

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Top 4 Reasons MSPs Will Not Survive Without A SOC

Having a SOC is no longer an option for MSPs today — it’s absolutely crucial for both your and your clients’ survival. Here are four business-saving reasons you MUST include a managed SOC as a part of your solution stack. 

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